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Epoxy, share videos from YouTube to Facebook

Those who are part of networks like Machinima, BBTV, MAKER and others may have noticed in the network dashboard, apps that often do not even use. I imagine that for many YouTubers, Epoxy has no use. But did you know that Epoxy has a novelty that can be very useful for you YouTuber? I am speaking about the automatic sharing of links or video clip. But what is it really? If you're interested, calm down and I'll explain.


Epoxy How to use Autosharing options

Just remembering that Epoxy is one of the 13 tools that every youtuber should know and to enter the tool site click on the link that I will put at the end of this article.

This feature automatically takes your content from YouTube to Facebook. That's right, if you share your videos on both the Google platform and the Zuck platform, this Epoxy feature may be a handy one for you.


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Setting it up correctly will detect when you send a video to YouTube and will automatically share your content with you on Facebook. This sharing can be the link where users will click and be redirected to your YouTube video or the first minute of the video, that is, Epoxy picks up the first minute of your video and publishes it natively on your Facebook page.

This option is the most recommended because Facebook does not like of showing links from your competition.

If you think a minute is too much, you can reduce this time to 30 seconds only.

What are you waiting for? Go to there and learn more about this feature.

Great features

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Below you can see a video with more details about this tool. If you work with NETWORK, explainning better: If your YouTube channel is linked to an MCN network, there's a good chance you'll have all the features of this tool available to you for free. To access the Epoxy, click no link just below the video.

Go to Epoxy: Click Here

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