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How to get verified with the badge beside the name on YouTube

Hello my dear readers, on today's tip I'm going to show you how to get verified on YouTube and get the verification seal next to the name of your channel.

To have your channel verified you must have at least 100,000 subscribers and have the channel free of STRIKES.

How to get verified with the badge beside the name on YouTubeOur channel Sonaje recently reached 100k of subscribers and bad I could wait to receive the verification seal. The playbutton, we have to wait because it has nothing to do but as for the verification seal it is possible to speed up the receiving process and we will show you the step by step then for you to get yours. Come on?

Just remembering that if you prefer to watch than read, at the end of the post we will leave a video on the same subject.

Step 1

First make sure your account has no STRIKE.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.11 23 AM

Step 2

Now enter your Channel's Control Panel page.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.13 01 AM

Step 3

Now navigate to the bottom of the page and look for the Help option.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.14 04 AM

Step 4

Clicking on Help, the system will display a screen like this, click on Email.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.15 30 AM

Step 5

Now click the Channel & video features option.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.16 07 AM

Step 6

In the First Name and Last Name fields fill in your first name and last name respectively.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.17 00 AM

Step 7

In the Channel URL field fill in the URL of your channel as the examples show

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.20 35 AM

Step 8

In the question: Is your issue about a specific video? Choose No.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.20 58 AM

Step 8.1

If the field: Is this a request for a verification badge? appears, check Yes.


Step 8.2

In the field, How can I help You? Tell them your channel hit 100k subscribers and you'd like to get your account verified.


Step 9

Now Highlight the space that shows the number of subscribers. You need to do this so that YouTube support better understands what you need.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.22 01 AM

Step 10

Click Send

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.21 24 AM

You will receive a message in your email like this.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.24 25 AM

Hi, and thanks for contacting the YouTube Creator Support team! We'll work to help resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Help us get a jumpstart by replying to this email with your channel URL and the video(s) you need help with. If you've already sent this over, thanks — we'll be in touch soon.

You'll hear from our specialists in one business day or less, so hang tight!

The YouTube Creator Support team

Then wait approximately 24 hours. If all goes well you will receive another email like this.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.26 30 AM

Hi Jonas,
Thanks for reaching out and congratulations for reaching this impeccable milestone!
I have good news -- your channel has been successfully verified! Please note it may take a couple of days for the verification check mark to appear on your channel, but no further action is needed.
Also, keep in mind that if you change the name of your channel, the verification mark will disappear from your channel. In that case, reach back out to us to request the verification of your channel again. Thanks for understanding that YouTube reserves the right not to grant it.
Feel free to reach out to me in case there is anything else.

Then you can see the checkmark next to the name of your channel.

As we promised at the begin of this post, follow below the video with the same issue. I hope you enjoy!

That's all folks, I hope this tip has been useful for you. Any problem leave a comment just below. Thank you!

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