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Best paid Systems to promote YouTube Channel, Sites, Blogs and Facebook Page

2010 was the year that I created my blog and I decided to post content on it and on my YouTube channel so that one day I would work from home. In the early years were difficult, because as much as I posted video or created articles it was difficult to spread these contents over the web. That's when I started using some digital marketing tools to promote my content.

By doing this I also learned how important it is to use tools at least in the beginning to get the spotlight. But I still say, advertising is the soul of the business. For example, Coca-Cola, as much as it does not need to advertise the product, nevertheless we always see her commercials on TV or Internet.

Over the years I have known many tools and I am far from knowing them all. So I'll leave here the best tools I've ever known to promote your YouTube channel, website, blog, or Facebook Page.

Best paid Systems to promote YouTube Channel, Sites, Blogs and Facebook Page


In my opinion it is better tool for those who want to promote a website, blog; Whether it is intended to attract a target audience or sell a product. Adword is a professional platform used by thousands of companies. So if you have a website or blog the best tool to advertise is Adwords. Reason: Integration with the largest search engine on the planet, Google.

Recomended for sites and Blogs

Adwords for Videos

Ideal for anyone wanting to advertise in video form with YouTube. You create a video, upload to YouTube talking about your business. So you pay if the viewer clicks on the link, which will likely lead to your site, or if it does not skip the ad. With it you'll also get more views for your video, if that's the case. Your video link can be directed to your channel so the viewer knows the rest of your content. If the viewer likes your videos, they can even subscribe to your channel. For those who want to promote a channel on YouTube, this is the most recommended platform.

Recomended for YouTube Channel, Sites and Blogs


Simple and intuitive platform, full of features, for you to take your blog or website to the next level. The system is not as simple as Adwords and Adwords for Videos. To start posting your website or blog you will need credits that can be purchased for an initial price of $ 9.95. The credits can be spent in the form of impressions of banners and texts that will have links from your website or blog. The target audience is users of the platform itself, which through the system itself, or software that is installed on the user's computer, will see your ads. In exchange for this they will accumulate credits to also promote content on the web.

The advantage of this system is that it is much cheaper than the ones mentioned above.

Recomended for sites and Blogs


The website works with a kind of coins, so you will have to buy coins. The starting package is US$5,99. With this tool you can promote Facebook Pages, Twiter Profile, Songs on Soundcloud, Instagram profile, sites and blogs. Although it also supports YouTube I do not recommend promote videos and YouTube channels with it, because for this it is not so good.

Recomended for Sites, Blogs, Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram etc


ShareYT is the same category as Followlike and works in much the same way. Both FollowLike and ShareYT are most recommended for home users, who do not want to spend a lot of money. I do not recommend these for companies that need something more effective and a better result. Here to advertise you will need $ 7.50 to buy the cheapest package wich is 1000 coins.

Recomended for Sites, Blogs, Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram etc


In this system you need to buy minutes. The user will view your link for up to one minute, so it will decide if it will interact more with your site / blog or not at this time. When you register, you get 100 minutes for free to start to spread your word. In the link settings you will find the Add New Website option so that you can place the url of your blog / website. Each time someone visits your link their minutes are being discounted. When you do not have more minutes then your link will no longer appear to the other users of the of this system. These users will visit your site in exchange for your minutes.

The plan paid (has only one) is US$ 8.00 per month. With it you earn 5000 minutes to spread links from your blog or website.

Recomended for Sites and Blogs


There are 5000 views for $ 5 dollars, meaning starting with a campaign at this amount you will get your article shown on the screen for 5,000 times, for 5 seconds. So the user will choose whether to access your article or not. Example with interstitial ads.

If you choose to campaign with you need to put a very attractive headline that will whet the user's curiosity when they see your ad. Well, there is a great possibility that he will click on your ad.


In Adfly your ad will be displayed in three formats:

  • Interstitial Adverts - Occurs when the user clicks a link that redirects to another page. At the time of the redirect your ad is shown. The user has the option to skip the ad after waiting for 5 seconds. Price starts at $ 1.00 a CPM.
  • Leaderboard banner advertising - It's a bit similar to interstitials, but the user does not need to skip the ad to see the content of the site. At the top of the screen will your ad appear, and it will stay there until the user resolves to close or not. Price starts at $ 0.20 per CPM. Very cheap.
  • Pop Ad Advertising - These are the pop ups, as you already know opens when the user accesses an article. And as long as he does not close the ad he will not be able to read the article. Your ads will appear on these items. Price starts at US$ 0.80 per CPM.

Recomended for Sites and Blogs

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are for Facebook videos, what Adwords for videos are, for YouTube videos. So if you chose this platform to publish your videos the best platform to advertise them is Facebook Ads. Also remember that through Facebook Ads you are able to promote your website or blog and it is also highly recommended for companies that aims to promote some product.

Usually the cost to advertise on Facebook Ads is expensive, so it ends up being inappropriate for home users who want to spend little money, at least now that youtube videos are still not being monetized.

For those who want to advertise blogs or websites, it is more advantageous to advertise in Adwords since the platform is integrated with Google, which is the largest search engine on the internet. Due to this integration your money will be better invested if you choose Adwords. This is my opinion.

Final conclusion

There are many similar or alternative tools to Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. I could extend this article to dozens of examples. But I decided to put only the ones I know because I have or have used it a few times in the past.

The best tool will depend on every YouTuber, Blogger. The tip is to try out each one of them and see which best fits every need. I hope this article has been helpful to you.

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