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How to get more views on YouTube

YouTube, Top Dicas mais views e inscritos no canalThese tips have been helping a lot of people including me attract more viewers and subscribers for the channel. As this article is a bit extensive and I'm constantly adding things here, I suggest you add it to your browser favorites so you do not miss it. To do this press Ctrl + D. If you're starting out on YouTube and your channel is still small, these tips are for you. Here you will find several tips to put into practice in your videos, making them more displayed on the web and thus generating more views for your channel. Have a cup of coffee, prepare your eyeglasses and have a good reading.

1) Tools

Let's start by talking about the tools. There are thousands of tools spread across the web and most of them have the goal of increase your views and making your channel more popular. Many of these tools go beyond the YouTube platform and serve other networks, such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. I'll talk a little about two categories of tools, which are:

  • Multiplatform Marketing Tools - Social Promotion
  • Like-ex, bannerMaybe this is the most important tip for attracting more views and subscribers for your channel. These sites, at least the majority that I entered and registered to see, works with a kind of coins, points or even tokens, but the idea is the same, but rest assured that the service is free too, interacting with other profiles of other members, you will accumulate coins, points or tokens depending on the platform you will use, which you can spend on a campaign you make. This includes views on YouTube, comments, likes, and subscribers. In addition to YouTube, you can popularize your profile on other social networks too: like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. I'm using some of them at the moment and I'm particularly enjoying it. They are helping me a lot. The big problem of these sites is that, you need much time, because for you to leverage your campaign you also need to interact a lot. What I mean is that you need to interact with pages, photos and profiles of others, subscribe to other channels as well, watch videos, every time you do one of these tasks you earn points, coins or tokens that can be exchanged for increase your video views, Subscriptions and likes in your videos. You can also attract more views and subscribers for other social networks you have. I will leave here some of these sites for you to know:

    FollowLike | ShareYT | LikesPlanet | LinkCollider | LikesAsap | Addmefast

    I talked about this type of tool and separated a list of them in another post, feel free to take a look. There, you will find and know more about others that I use.

  • Banner Exchange Tools
  • This type of system is a bit tricky to use, but if you know how to take advantage of these tools you can get on with them. As the name suggests, they are systems where you send your banner, and it will appear on other sites, or blogs of other members. In your banner you can configure the link of your YouTube channel or the link of a video for example. This way when an Internet user clicks on your banner it will be redirected to your channel, or video thus generating another visualization. Due to the complexity of using these systems, I made a post explaining better the resources they have and all of them are organized, with the best on top. If you're interested, take a look at the post to find out more information about them.

    2) Tag Explorer

    Exploring tags is a very important step that can greatly impact your video views. So it is not enough that your video is spectacular, you have to use titles, descriptions and tags correctly so that the Internet users can find them. So if you still do not know what tag explorer is, it's about time to find out and learn how to use this feature in your favor. There are many tools on the internet with this feature, but I will talk here about a tool, which does not only have the tag explorer but has many other features that YouTuber or Vlogger needs for creating videos. This is TubeBuddy. I suggest you get to know this tool if you want to have more facilities in managing your channel. Below, there is a video explaining about the features Tag Explorer which is one of several features of TubeBuddy. To install the extension just go to the official plugin page for Chrome and Firefox in the link just above.

    3) Law of supply and demand

    Just 12 days ago I posted a video on my YouTube channel (5 momentos de Bruna Marquezine dançando) and to my surprise this video already has almost 300,000 views. This happened only twice in 2011 and now this year. I was curious because my channel had only 8000 subscribers and a video reached this number in such a short time, and I decided to do some research on the subject on the internet.

    I found other channels with the same situation, for example in a video of a very simple tutorial of how to Install WinRar has incredible 230,000 views and the channel does not even reach 1500 subscribers, at least at the time I made this article. And that happens a lot on YouTube. So the question remains why does this happen with some videos?

    A quick read on some posts, some videos watched on YouTube itself, came in two words: Supply and demand. This also exists in the digital world and is not just with beans and tomatoes. Usually they are videos that many people seek but few intend to do. So when a content creator for YouTube does what web viewers are looking for and no one else is doing that's what happens. It does not matter if you have few subscribers, this video will make many views. But if you have many subscribers the result is still much better.

    Is there a way to know what netizens are looking for and what is missing?

    Yes. There are many tools on the internet for this. One that I use a lot and that also has this function is the TubeBuddy, I talked about it just above. If you want more information about the tool, I'll leave a link HERE with several tools for youtuber and in the middle of them is included TubeBuddy.

    Now if you ask me what can speed up the views of your YouTube videos I would include this answer. Stay tunned in the Law of Supply and Demand.

    4) Titles


    Video titles in the vast majority are the main one to increase views and subscribers.

    They make the user get interested in the video and click on it, gaining an extra view.

    And in turn this could be a video of your channel. When you're choosing a title for your video, enter an impact phrase. Something that catches the attention of the public. Many YouTube titles are so shocking that it can become fashionable, causing other YouTubers to use almost the same title on different videos.

    Remember not to leave it too big not to run the risk of the YouTube system cut a half  when it appears on the related videos page. For example: If I have a video in which I would make a magic I would put the title like this: Rare magic trick! Do not Miss Out! Certainly your video would gain far more views than if you just put it on. My magic. This is a small detail that can help increase views and subscribers.


    One thing you can do is search on youtube something related to your video. So you'll have more ideas of titles, to put on your video.

    So it's very important that you put one to five words in the title of your video to get more views and subscribers. Make the title look professional using uppercase letters at the beginning of it.

    Never use misleading titles. If an internet user clicks on a video from your channel and it is not what he was expecting he will leave and continue his search. This will detract from the audience retention of your video, and YouTube will place your job poorly on the search. Try to put the name of your title exactly as the video is.

    5) Titles in other idioms

    Since we're talking about titles, let me tell you about another very important feature recently released by the YouTube platform. These are translations of titles. With it you can have your title translated into multiple languages.

    How it works? Simple. Assuming you have placed your title in English and Portuguese. People who are using the Portuguese browser will see the title of your video in Portuguese. Now if the person has the English language browser, the English version of your title will be displayed. Interesting not? Do you understand now why this feature is very important and helps you get more views for your video if you use it correctly? The cool thing is that this feature is already from YouTube and you can use it for free. There are several languages available if you want to translate the title.

    6) Name and description of the channel in another language

    The translation of the channel name and description is already available. It's now easier to get a larger audience by translating your channel name and description.

    Learn how to do this by watching the video just below. Read too: 8 tools to spread your videos by the web.

    6) Video description

    Descrição de vídeo - YouTube

    Descriptions are very important because they give the user information about your video. You have to put an accurate description for your video to maximize the number of views and consequently attract more views and subscribers. Write in the description of your video talking how you did it, what equipment or software used, write what you do in the video. Finally write in the description of the video what you would put if you were writing for a blog or magazine. Search engines like Google will also indicate your video by the description.

    Remember also that in addition to the title it is possible to translate the description of a video into another language. This way, there are more chances of getting viewers from other countries.



    Keywords are one of the most important things of your video! They are responsible for relating your video to another, so when someone searches for something, if any of those words searched are in the keywords of your video, it will appear in the search of who is looking for and will attract more views and subscribers for you. And not only on YouTube but on any other internet search tool. So the importance. Then fill in your keyword field with the maximum of words you can without exceding 500 characters. That will direct users to your video when they search for something.

    There are many tools that help you put your keywords, an example is the YouTube Suggestion that gives you the keywords when you start typing them. YouTube currently suggests to you several keywords related to the title of the video (already intended to help you attract more views and subscribers), but also suggest things that have nothing to do with your video, in this case write your own Keywords, but without ignoring the YouTube system suggestion.

    Avoid placing keywords that have nothing to do with your video as this violates community guidelines and may not be legal for your channel, and may even result in the deletion of your video, not to mention that this may have a negative effect.



    8) Thumbnails

    They are those small images of part of your video, which attracts the public precisely by showing part of them. This will attract more views and subscribers. So you need to edit the image and get the best of them over the video and also use the best image quality you can. You can choose from three thumbnails when editing your video.

    image_thumb2The thumbnails of your video are what many people look at when looking for a video, so be sure to put the image more closely related to the video. For example, if I make a video of a car crashing onto a pole, I'll pick up the image closest to the moment of the crash.

    I've seen cases on YouTube where users use sexy thumbnails in the video even though it's a video of something else (Wow! Internet's perverted users) just to attract more views and subscribers. This can have an opposite effect to the desired one and can go against the good practices of Youtube. Remember that in addition to the system-generated thumbnails you can upload an image related to your video. This is the most recommended. Then capriche your thumbnail image and upload it.

    In this video you have a basic explanation of how to create a thumbnail with TubeBuddy.  Just install the plugin in your browser (Chrome or Firefox) and easily produce a fantastic thumbnail. To install the plugin click here.


    9) Video quality


    The quality of the video is very important because the mere fact that your video is of poor quality may fail to get more views and subscribers. So at the time of recording the video choose a clear location preferably with things related to your video in the back. For example, if I'm going to record a video playing a song I'll let it appear on the backs, guitars, pianos or posters of music-related things on the wall, it "fills" the view of who's watching, so the person may watch again or even send it to a friend.

    Another important thing is to make the video as short and attractive as possible, because if the video is too long users may bother to stay watching for a long time and not see more.

    10) Subscribers

    Inscritos - YouTube

    The basic principle to get more subscribers on Youtube I would say that is the presentation that increase viewers and views that generates subscribers. Never forget to put links to other videos at the end of the video, links to your channel, and ask the user to sign up for your channel if they liked the video.

    Ask your fans to add your videos in favorites, like the video, so it will end up releasing your video automatically, causing your video to spread through the web and even become a viral. And, if your video becomes viral, you'll attract more views and subscribers.

    Forget about exchanging subscribers, SUB FOR SUB or stuff like that. That does not work. If you do not know what it is, do not even try to find out.


    11) Relacionamento de canais 

    Related channels or cross promotion.

    Relacionamento de canais - YouTubeCross-promotion or Related Channels is another cool feature that can help us get more views and subscribers. But the effect is not very efficient. The scheme is very simple: just add the channel of another user and ask him to do the same thing, Some users treat this feature as a different name. It still has an expression that I always see as Cross Promotion. It should work well with big channels, but I still think that for small channels it does not help much, but it does not cost anything to try.

    It is good to remember that there is a limit to this, at the moment I write this article the limit is for 16 channels, that is, you can only relate 16 channels to yours.


    13) Publishing on Blogs

    I have one more hot tip that helped me get more views and subscribers, and as you know more subscribers means, more viewers. First I'll talk about what helped me get a total of 2,600,000 of the uploaded videos (number of all videos when I write this post) and then I write on how I found getting more subscribers on my channel. So the scheme is this: Try to contact famous bloggers, and ask them to embed the code of your video in their blog, the more blogs your video publishes, the better it, because will bring more views and subscribers. I'll give an example here with two of my videos:

    estatisticas insight

    Views and Subscribers

    This is the video of Super Mario, one of several videos that I have in my main channel: Sonaje. It was published in the blog Ñ Intendo, and only this blog has brought a number of more than 150,000 views for this video. As you can confirm, this is a great way to get more views and subscribers.

    estatisticas insight 2

    And this is from Street Fighter, as you can see by the figure, only in the blog NãoPodeRir has more than 45,000 views. These are two examples, but there are many blogs, besides these, several cool blogs in which your video can be published. The scheme is to get the contact of the administrator or owner of the blog, and send the link of your video. But I suggest you reciprocate by posting in your video the blog link that posts your video. After all, one hand washes the other, is not it?

    Email List

    Attracting more views and subscribers with your email is also a great idea. When we start talking to our friends and acquaintances, and they get knowing we make videos, many of them ask the question. - What is the address of your channel? When passing this information, get note the person's email, so if they give you good feedback about your videos, include this person in your email list.

    So every time you make a new video, send an email with the link of your new video to the created list. But do not send email without the person knowing, or without asking permission, if you do not spread spam, the YouTube community thanks you. This is a small detail that can make a lot of difference and help you attract more views and subscribers to your channel.


    15) Helping Friends:

    Although YouTube of your friends can be a detail that brings you more subscribers. Of course this will not bring you thousands of subscribers, but for those who have few subscribers can make a difference. So to explain this better, I put an animated video just below. Watching this video you will understand better what I am trying to say.

    Get more views and subscribers

    It can be an easy task if you know the shortcuts. The only way to stand out amid a tsunami of very talented content creators is to study and look for tips like this on the internet, to get more viewers and subscribers. Do not stop studying and improving your knowledge, because you will find an easier way to increase your views, and subscribers and achieve success.

    That's it folks, I'm staying here. Do not forget to share this post. If you know more tips to attract more views and subscribers leave a comment below. As I am always updating this blog, I also suggest you to sign up, so when I post something else you will be notified. Until next time and good luck with your videos.

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