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Indispensable Pc Software for YouTube Content Creator

As a YouTube content Creator (YouTuber, Vlogger, Video Maker etc) you need much more than a simple video editing software to make your work great. You need also several tools, which helps you in pre or post production. So as less you know tools like these, the more your work gets difficult. Therefore try to find out the more tools for YouTubers as you can, to facilitate your work. Read Also: Tools to promote your videos on YouTube

And, to help you with this task, I will show you some of them which I use.

indispensable softwares for youtube creators

And the first one is:


Is a software that allows you download videos from YouTube and Facebook. It has also other functions like video converting. But as a video creator the feature on it which you are going to use more frequently is, download videos from YouTube. For those who make compilation videos a tool like this one is indispensable.

Gadwin Print Screen

This software allows you to print any area of your desktop in a simple and easy way. Using just Print Scrn key it capture the entire screen. If you hold down the Ctrl key while press the Print Scrn it goes to ask what place of your screen you will capture. With this feature you can capture an image with the resolution that fit in you video.

Atube Catcher

This one also has the ability to download videos from YouTube but this feature in this tool is not so good. The feature I use of this tool is the screen capture. It is the Gadwin Print Screen for videos. Always I want to record my screen to make a tutorial, I use this software. With it, you can download the entire screen or just an area of your choice. You can also hide the mouse cursor and start, pause or stop your recording pressing just one key.

It's a light software which does not need high processing, or video card. So if you have a slow Pc you can use Atube Catcher without any problem.

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Who works with humor videos a good idea is use Balabolka software to narrate videos. Many YouTubers make this nowadays. You write something funny and the robotic voice do the rest. Balabolka exports what you write in Wav and MP3 format. So what you have to do is import the audio by your video editor.

DivXLand Media Subtitler

This Pc software is very helpful when you need to create captions for videos. Create subtitles for videos with the YouTube Subtitles system is very laborious mainly if you have a slow connection. So this software may help you very much. With it you can create subtitles easily.You will need your video and the text in txt. format. Watch how it is easy in the video below.

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Google Translator

We’re talking about softwares but in this case I will make and exception to talk about Google Translator. If you do not know yet, YouTube released a feature that allows you translate: Titles, Description, Channel, Channel Description, Playlist and Playlist description to any idiom you Want. For this reason I am mentioning Google Translator here. It is not a software but it is also an indispensable online tool for YouTuber. In this video below I explain better about the translation feature of YouTube.

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