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Understanding the color dollar sign on YouTube

When uploading videos to YouTube, one thing you hardly forget, is to enable their monetization. But not all videos are always monetized all the time because some problems always arise between uploads. When a monetization problem arises as soon as you upload it is easier to fix the error, however some problems appear after days or months. So as the video often already has many views it is more difficult to fix.

When these inevitable problems arise, the dollar sign instead of green becomes another color. Yellow or gray. And in this post we will explain a little what each color means. To help with the example, I've taken some of my videos from my main channel Sonajeunderstanding the color dollar sign on youtube

Green dollar sign

There is nothing wrong with your video. If the dollar sign is green everything is Ok. But remember that being green does not mean that all video views are monetizable. It could happen for example of a video being with 100k views, but ads were displayed in 30k of them. In YouTube analytics you can have a well-explained report of this.


Cut black dollar sign

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It means you're not making money on this video because ads are not appearing on it. The reason for this can be:

Your video was considered inappropriate for minors and the YouTube system added a restriction to it. On the Google support page it's easy to find a more detailed explanation for this:

Age-restricted content

Some videos don't violate our policies, but may not be appropriate for all audiences. In these cases our review team may place an age restriction when we're notified of the content. Age-restricted videos are not visible to users who are logged out, are under 18 years of age, or have Restricted Mode enabled.

When evaluating whether content is appropriate for all ages, here are some of the things we consider:

To learn more about what you can do to avoid having your video age-restricted, please visit our Policy Center.

If you are looking to monetize your video, please review our policies as age-restricted videos will not be eligible for monetization and will also not be shown in certain sections of YouTube. Age-restricted videos are also not eligible to be used for ads.

As you can see from the image below, the system also displays the message: Age-Restricted and Not eligible for monetization.


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Cut black dollar sign ©

The black dollar sign cut with C signifies that you are not making money from it because it contains partial or full third-party content. Maybe TV scenes, pieces of videos from other channels or songs, etc. But it still displays ads, and the money earned from ads goes to the copyright owners of the video detected on yours.


In this case you can fix the video if you remove the part that uses third-party content, without having to send the video again. To remove part of a direct video on YouTube click: Includes copyrighted content then: Enhancements.

If your video has too many views, you can not use this feature. But I do not know what the exact number is.


Yellow dollar sign


The yellow dollar sign means your video is not showing ads because it has been identified that it is not ad friendly. In this case you can also correct by clicking on the dollar sign. Doing this will redirect you to another page: Information and Settings. In the monetization tab you will see the following message:

Your video isn't being monetized because it contains content that might not be appropriate for advertising.

To monetize a video, your video content, metadata, and thumbnail must be advertiser-friendly.

Think your video meets this criteria? You can have it reviewed for monetization again.

Check the box: Review my video again. I believe it's advertiser-friendly. After that click on Save Changes. Your video will be submitted for review.

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That's it guys. I hope I have cleared your doubts about the colors of the dollar sign. Any questions leave a comment below.

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  1. I have enabled monetization and also linked to adsense bt there is no dollar sign on my vedios

    1. Check if you have more than 10 000 total video views. Now YouTube have a minimum required to channels get monetized.

  2. i have yellow dollar sign like in many videos it will affect my channel i should delete those videos? is possible that my channel being closed because of this?

    1. Your channel do not run the risk of being closed because of this, and dont need tô delete them

  3. What kind of videos will have the yellow dollar sign ?

    If we upload a video whuch is downloaded from youtube and re upload after some editing without a copyright content, in this case what will happen ?

    1. Videos with F* words, or similars :-), sexual content, things about drugs. Re uploading videos with editing like compilations is valid. But the youtube system might get confused with some videos family friendly, for this case you can send the video do human review. I hope I helped You. Any additional comments, let me know!