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8 Great Tips to get more likes on Facebook Photos

Hello folks!!! In this article I will give some tips on how to get more likes on Facebook photos. This tip is directed to those who have a simple profile on Facebook (not directly to those who have pages but it is still useful for those who have). Remember also that following these tips you will not have miracles and get 10, 15, 20 thousand of likes, but for sure will give a boost in the likes of your photo.

For example, if your photos reach a maximum of 50 or 60 likes, with the tips I'm going to give here, you can triple this value if you follow everything exactly what I write. Just to prove what I am saying I will leave here an example I made in a photo of my profile. great tips to get more facebook likesUsually my photos have 20 to 30 likes when I post, I decided to put this tip into practice in a photo and already has more than 600 likes, I imagine it will still do more than that. I'll leave the photo link here so you can see. Ah! and if you want to collaborate with a like too, I appreciate it. This is in exchange for writing this post to you :-).


Continuing then ... just reminding friends, I would like to make it clear that you need to be careful sharing any photo on the internet. Avoid posting daring pictures with little clothing, especially girls. Because the internet despite being a great tool of entertainment ends up attracting criminal people who can take advantage of innocent people and if you do not take care ends up being vulnerable to this type of person. Let's go for the tips then?

1) Filter

In addition to making the photos more attractive, the filters can disguise some imperfections of the face thus attracting more likes, or thumbs up, for those who prefer, for their photos.

2) Places

The place you take the photo can also influence people to enjoy your photos. If it is a tourist place for example, some of your friends can even build a discussion about the photo talking about the place, whether it was, how the experience was, if you want to go back, or if you want to go and etc. Photos like this, will certainly attract more likes. So when traveling do not forget to take lots of photos.

3) Social promotion tools

They are tools specialized in popularizing photos, pages, videos on various social networks. It basically works as exchange systems. Like this: You enjoy other people's photos, earn points, and then spend your points when other people like your photos. So the more points you can accumulate, the more you will be able to spend and more likes will win. Below I cite some examples of these online tools. If you want to directly access the page of each of them I will leave the link below in the order of the ones I use the most.
FollowLike | ShareYT | LinkCollider | LikesAsap | Addmefast | LikesPlanet |

4) Generating discussion

Generate discussion (intelligent discussion, not fights :-)), you can expose more to your photo, because from the moment a friend of yours starts commenting and writing on your photo, they automatically end up divulging these pictures to their friends who end up seeing and may click on like. Then try to generate comments also in your photos.


5) Appearance

As we know, filters despite giving a little help does not work miracles, it is important to pay special attention to appearance, hair, lipstick (for girls), accessories that attract attention, such as earrings, necklaces, makeup, bracelets. But use sparingly, do not overuse. Something discreet can have a very good effect.

6) Photos together

Taking photos together helps a lot when you want to have more likes on Facebook. Because people who are with you can attract more likes through their friends. So in this case are your friends and their friends to help in the number, thumbs up.

7) Marking / Tags

Marking people, also helps and a lot you get more likes. You do not necessarily have to be with the person in the photo to mark it. But be careful when you mark half the world in a photo, because this too much is characterized as spam. Try to mark only people close to you as a brother, mother, uncle, aunt. Do not mark distant friends or person who is only friend on Face. Because they can bother you and may even report you for Spam. So use this feature sparingly. You can also mark famous artists, places, works, movies, novels and so on.ads


8) Likes Exchange

You can match with someone who has the same interest as you who is having many likes. So when you post some photos the person already clicks liked. And when she posts a photo you do the same. You can combine it with several colleagues. The more friends, the more likes.


That's it then friends, I'm staying here I hope you have enjoyed these tips. If so, feel free to share it on social networks and give Ctrl + D and add it to your favorites to review it in the future. Sign up here on the blog to stay on the inside of what's going on here in the next few days. See you!

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