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MakeWebVideo–Make online videos

MakeWebVideo (click here to access the site) is a space for you to create your own animated video, whether for a company, a YouTube channel or a Facebook page. Creating a video is very simple, and does not require you to have any video editing skills. The video is done online and already has several templates ready. All you have to do is change the texts and images so that it can fit your content.

Enter the site, click Create Video and you will be able to create your video by yourself. Choose a Template, customize, preview and get your video in about 30 minutes. If you are sure of making the payment, you can try it for free!

how to make online videos

Although the site is not focused on intros but rather on animations and videos that are more than simple intro, you can manage to create a short video to showcase your channel or video of some product. The trick, if you will use this system, is to make the video then cut and pick only the first few seconds which is the ideal size for an intro.

Below are some examples of videos made on MakeWebVideo. So you can check out how yours will get just by taking a look at the examples below.

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