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Sites to earn Gift Card on Steam

Who would not want to win a Steam or Googleplay gift card? If you think this is difficult we have good news for you. There are sites where you complete some tasks that can be reverted in Steam gift cards, some of them even have gift cards from Google Play, Xbox live, PSN etc. So in this article we will list some websites that can give you some gift cards for you to play that game that you wanted and could not for lack of money.

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Let's go to the top of the list. Completing surveys, Playing other games on the site, Creating content (in Text and Videos) etc and other basic tasks like liking system page on Facebook give you the right soulgems. With 2900 soulgems it's already possible to redeem for a $ 5 Steam card. You can also exchange present cards from other platforms such as paysafecard, iTunes, GooglePlay, Steam, G2A or Kinguin.


Gamekit gives you rights to Gift Cards by playing other games, which are usually for free on Steam. It is a way for smaller producers to publicize their games. For example some tasks are like this: Install the game and reach level 5. Then all you have to do is send a print of the screen when you reach level 5. The print is to prove that you have reached even this level. Other tasks of this platform include: Download apps, answer quiz and rating photos.

Ebonus GG

Watching YouTube videos, watching videos (Twitch) and inviting friends are some great ways to get points on this platform. Like other platforms, you have a wall of offers on the site to earn points in other ways. But the easiest way is watching YouTube videos. From 6244 you can already exchange for a gift card from Steam. You can also exchange for Gift Card from Google Play, PSN, iTunes, Xbox gold etc.


Watching videos, creating content in videos (for YouTube), answering surveys and referring friends. One way to earn points on this platform caught my attention: The fact that making video tutorials on the platform gives you rights to earn points. You make a video talking about the GameTame, and sends the link, then the video will be analyzed by the team of the site and if it is approved you get points. This is certainly a way to get points more easily on the platform.


This system is more of a sports betting site, this is the focus, but there are also other ways to earn points: Playing, answering surveys, installing apps, watching videos. Prizes are more limited: Steam Random Game, Some Games on Google Play, Xbox Live, PSN, Amazon Gift Card etc.

You know any more? Comment there in the comments.

That’s it guys, I am Joninha and recently I watched AR Experiments: Expanding creative possibilities with ARCore.

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