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Top 8, Bots for YouTube

Before starting this article, I wanted to show you a tool that is not a bot, which does not increase views or subscribers, but it will help you increase your productivity and do much more with your channel. Get to know Tubebuddy.

All YouTuber knows that bots are not well seen, by YouTubers themselves much less by the largest videos platform on the planet. But who is YouTuber and has never felt like experiencing a good bot that shoots the first dislike. It's very tempting to see an offer like this: 1 million views for only $ 1200. (Laughs). In the last few months a curious fact about them has arisen. They were saying that a very famous youtuber here in Brazil was using bots. I'm just not going to tell who's here because this is not the purpose of the post.

Definition of bots

top-bots-for-youtube_thumb1First of all I will explain, from my point of view, I will make it very clear; What are bots? Bots are software engines, or codes, or computer programs used to generate views, likes, and subscribers to YouTube videos and channels. This is the BOT definition (at least it was in the past). Before continuing with the explanation just like to remind you that we made a post with the tools that every youtuber should use. If you wish to take your channel to the next level, read this post.

Going back to the subject bots, because of the intelligence of the YouTube algorithm, the way the bots work was out of date because it was easily detected by YouTube. And that's where things evolved. And today's bots are far more effective and smart. So it's not just something artificial that increase views on YouTube, but real people. But even with this transformation the term bot has not ceased to exist and many people see these schemes as an illicit form of growth on YouTube..ads


Before we begin this list, I will classify these systems as safe or unsafe. Safe: You can use will that your channel is not at risk. Not safe: you use at your own risk, hehe. I will also use my own definition to refer to the tools. So just to give a recap... bots are systems that generate views, subscribers and likes on YouTube for channels by promoting them and exposing them by making them (these channels) more seen by the public. See also: great tools to promote your YouTube videos.

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Another thing they say a lot in forum and group discussions is that bots are dangerous. But why? For generating competition in ad sales, since it's much cheaper to advertise videos with bots than to advertise with YouTube itself. (I discuss this in the post "Things you should know before using bots" Take a look to get more informed) This also applies to Facebook, since the Zuckerberg's platform is becoming a great video portal, in addition to being The largest social network on the planet. But if you do not mind the risks of using bots and want to try on some of them at all costs, I'll list good Bots here to spread more your YouTube channel (or get banned of it :-) ). Well as there are some of them that I have never used, I will leave specified ones, which I have already used.


Maybe this should not even be considered a bot, but as it also has the option to turbine YouTube views, Likes, comments and subscribers on YouTube I decided to list it here. If you want quick results with no effort you can buy coins. To better understand this tool, I have some articles dedicated to it and you can check it by clicking HERE. The good thing about this system is that it also has a gratuit option. That's it! All you have to do is interact: like photos, pages or posts of Facebook Instagram and various other social networks, or subscribing, like and commenting videos of other users. If you want to understand better I suggest you browse the platform by registering here. I will class this as being unsafe.


It is a system very similar to AddMeFast and FollowLike that allows the accumulation of points. Like the platforms mentioned you should interact with other users' social pages and profiles to accumulate this points (or coins). When you have points or coins you can insert the link of one of your videos and choose how many points you want to donate to who watch your videos, to like, favorite or comment. So when another user interacts with your YouTube video he earns the points you set. ShareYT is a platform that is growing a lot, always with many active users in the system, which is very good, because the more members are active the greater the chances of interaction and consequently more points will be gained. I will class this as being unsafe.


It's similar with the extinct TubeToolBox in the part that you have to install an application on your PC for the system to work. But it differs from TubeToolBox because it is not a messaging system and this is an advantage since the system will not depend on the user to open the link for your video to be viewed. When you install the application on your computer you will be able to view other videos or links from other users' websites through this application. This gives you minutes for your account. When you have a few minutes you can put the link of your video in the system, so other users will see your video or link, and when this happens a few minutes will be discounted from you. So the scheme is to put the link of your video there and try to accumulate as many minutes as possible. Click here to register. I will rate this as being unsafe. Get to know TubeBuddy, the Youtuber tool.

Adwords for videos

Perhaps many of you wonder why this tool is on this list. From the definition point I gave at the beginning of this article, this tool is rather a bot type, however, legal. That is, you can use this bot, at will, that it will not bring any problems to your channel. Why? Can you guess? For those who do not know (I am sure that everyone knows this), both YouTube and Adwords belong to Google. So you can use this bot without fear of being happy. I will rate this as being safe. Very safe bot.ads




This one I have not used yet. You can buy directly from the system: views, subscribers, likes and even comments. Most of them involve payment for purchases and use of licenses. In the Subpals you can use a free plan to get enrolled. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use it to get subscribers to the channel. I will class this as being unsafe.



Facebook Ads

It's also a safe bot you can use without fear of losing your YouTube channel. But between the two tools that are safe I recommend Adwords for video, quoted above, because both systems, YouTube and Adwords, are from Google and because of that has a better integration. But if you have more affinity with Facebook, you can also take your channel to the next level using this system to promote a video or even your YouTube channel. I will classify as being safe.ads





With it you have two options: Get more likes on YouTube videos, or just video views. All you have to do is watch videos to earn a Coin for approximately one minute of watched video, while liking earns you, twenty Coins. When you have enough coins to spend, you can set up to 20 videos so others can interact with your video to generate video views or likes. Below you will find an explanatory video on how to use View2be. If you feel a little dark with the use of the system you can orient yourself by watching the video below. I will classify as being unsafe. See also: Top tips for getting more views and subscribers on YouTube 

Subscriber Train



This bot consists of earning subscribers and not video views. When you "get on the train" you subscribe to five channels and fall into the first position. When the next person joins you, subscribe to your channel, and the other four, becoming first. At this moment, you who were first becomes the second. As soon as someone else comes in, the one who was first becomes second, and you third, repeating the process, until you reach fifth, then you leave, and you need to "get on the train" again to get first. If you do the registration you will understand better. I will classify as being unsafe. See also: Tools I use to make money on the internet.

Final considerations

The bots are a good option for those who want to gain more video views and popularize the channel, but I particularly consider the prices very expensive and the free options do not always give desired results since you need to have plenty of time to stay online, all the time on these types of platforms. So it's up to you whether you want to use them or not. There are many other tools for those who are looking for more practical, inexpensive ways to stand out in the video world on Google's system.

That's it guys, I'm staying here, if you know more bots do not forget to comment so we can add to this list. If you liked the post subscribe for our blog.

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