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Equalizer APO


É um software de gerenciamento de entrada e saída de áudio que trabalha de uma forma bem independente dentro do Windows, não se trata de um plug in (deixando bem claro) para outro programa. A aplicação “toma posse” da saída de áudio e a partir deste momento tudo que passar por ela vai ser "equalizado" conforme o gosto do usuário, independente do programa que esteja usando e que tenha algum áudio transitado (Spotify, foobar, rádio online, Youtube, algum player de vídeo, microfone...).

Se você tem um microfone USB e precisa que o áudio seja captado com um volume mais alto que o dispositivo pode fazer, o software vai te dar uma ajuda para que o áudio captado, tenha um volume mais alto. Um exemplo que podemos dar é do Behringer C1-U que funciona ligado ao um computador diretamente pela porta USB. Um pouco diferente do Behringer C1, que funciona com uma mesa de som, o C1-U não precisa da mesa, em contrapartida o áudio captado não tem tanta consistência quanto o do C1. Então é aí que entra o Equalizer APO que vai fazer a função da mesa de som, dando uma amplificada no áudio captado. Lembrando que o aplicativo também funciona com outros microfones USB e não somente com o C1-U da Behringer.

Como amplificar o audio do Behringer C1-U
Como ele funciona se ocupando cada saída/entrada de áudio, pode ser utilizado separadamente para uma determinada interface e para outra não, basta configurar de acordo com o que se deseja, tudo separado, obviamente que a interface deve estar habilitada no Windows (placa de som on-board, DAC externo, microfone, etc), e também os dispositivos devem estar todos funcionando bem. É importante lembrar que este software não corrige problemas, ele apenas interfere nos quais já estão funcionando. Então se você estiver procurando por soluções de problemas de entrada/saída de áudio e dispositivos isso não vai te ajudar.

Logo abaixo você encontra a opção para baixar o software


(se o download não iniciar, clique aqui)

Para informações adicionais e um pouco sobre a configuração, confira logo abaixo um vídeo explicativo sobre o software

É isso ai galera, este foi mais um post do blog Sonaje. Eu sou Joninha e recentemente eu assisti: Top 10 USELESS Video Game Characters

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HitForHit What is and how does it work


Hit for Hit (Click here to access) It is a multiplatform social promotion tool. What exactly does that mean? The main function of the tool is to help its members promote profiles and pages on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and others less popular.

In a basic explanation of how it works, all you have to do is accumulate points (which on the site are called Coins). To accumulate these points, you need to interact with social network profiles of other site users. For example, you earn coins by clicking like on Facebook photos of other people (Instagram or Facebook) commenting, watching YouTube videos, following on Twitter, Linkedin etc.

The idea is to join as many coins as possible, so you can use them later to also have more tanned photos, followers, videos, etc.

Due to the success of social networks these types of tools are also becoming increasingly popular, making Internet users search for them to increase popularity of profiles in Social Networks

Similar Systems

Some systems similar to Hitforhit are: Followlike, ShareYT, Addmefast, LinkCollider, Likes Planet, YoulikeHits

what is and how does hitforhit work

That’s all folks. I’m staying here, I am Joninha and recently I watched Brushy One String - No Man Stop Me (Good Morning Mr.Sun) Official video

Top 8, Bots for YouTube


Before starting this article, I wanted to show you a tool that is not a bot, which does not increase views or subscribers, but it will help you increase your productivity and do much more with your channel. Get to know Tubebuddy.

All YouTuber knows that bots are not well seen, by YouTubers themselves much less by the largest videos platform on the planet. But who is YouTuber and has never felt like experiencing a good bot that shoots the first dislike. It's very tempting to see an offer like this: 1 million views for only $ 1200. (Laughs). In the last few months a curious fact about them has arisen. They were saying that a very famous youtuber here in Brazil was using bots. I'm just not going to tell who's here because this is not the purpose of the post.

Definition of bots

top-bots-for-youtube_thumb1First of all I will explain, from my point of view, I will make it very clear; What are bots? Bots are software engines, or codes, or computer programs used to generate views, likes, and subscribers to YouTube videos and channels. This is the BOT definition (at least it was in the past). Before continuing with the explanation just like to remind you that we made a post with the tools that every youtuber should use. If you wish to take your channel to the next level, read this post.

Going back to the subject bots, because of the intelligence of the YouTube algorithm, the way the bots work was out of date because it was easily detected by YouTube. And that's where things evolved. And today's bots are far more effective and smart. So it's not just something artificial that increase views on YouTube, but real people. But even with this transformation the term bot has not ceased to exist and many people see these schemes as an illicit form of growth on YouTube..ads


Before we begin this list, I will classify these systems as safe or unsafe. Safe: You can use will that your channel is not at risk. Not safe: you use at your own risk, hehe. I will also use my own definition to refer to the tools. So just to give a recap... bots are systems that generate views, subscribers and likes on YouTube for channels by promoting them and exposing them by making them (these channels) more seen by the public. See also: great tools to promote your YouTube videos.

If you are youtuber and want to get the best tips for evolving your channel, subscribe to TopDikas. You will receive the best content to elevate your channel to the next level. Subscribe not to miss the next tip.

Another thing they say a lot in forum and group discussions is that bots are dangerous. But why? For generating competition in ad sales, since it's much cheaper to advertise videos with bots than to advertise with YouTube itself. (I discuss this in the post "Things you should know before using bots" Take a look to get more informed) This also applies to Facebook, since the Zuckerberg's platform is becoming a great video portal, in addition to being The largest social network on the planet. But if you do not mind the risks of using bots and want to try on some of them at all costs, I'll list good Bots here to spread more your YouTube channel (or get banned of it :-) ). Well as there are some of them that I have never used, I will leave specified ones, which I have already used.


Maybe this should not even be considered a bot, but as it also has the option to turbine YouTube views, Likes, comments and subscribers on YouTube I decided to list it here. If you want quick results with no effort you can buy coins. To better understand this tool, I have some articles dedicated to it and you can check it by clicking HERE. The good thing about this system is that it also has a gratuit option. That's it! All you have to do is interact: like photos, pages or posts of Facebook Instagram and various other social networks, or subscribing, like and commenting videos of other users. If you want to understand better I suggest you browse the platform by registering here. I will class this as being unsafe.


It is a system very similar to AddMeFast and FollowLike that allows the accumulation of points. Like the platforms mentioned you should interact with other users' social pages and profiles to accumulate this points (or coins). When you have points or coins you can insert the link of one of your videos and choose how many points you want to donate to who watch your videos, to like, favorite or comment. So when another user interacts with your YouTube video he earns the points you set. ShareYT is a platform that is growing a lot, always with many active users in the system, which is very good, because the more members are active the greater the chances of interaction and consequently more points will be gained. I will class this as being unsafe.


It's similar with the extinct TubeToolBox in the part that you have to install an application on your PC for the system to work. But it differs from TubeToolBox because it is not a messaging system and this is an advantage since the system will not depend on the user to open the link for your video to be viewed. When you install the application on your computer you will be able to view other videos or links from other users' websites through this application. This gives you minutes for your account. When you have a few minutes you can put the link of your video in the system, so other users will see your video or link, and when this happens a few minutes will be discounted from you. So the scheme is to put the link of your video there and try to accumulate as many minutes as possible. Click here to register. I will rate this as being unsafe. Get to know TubeBuddy, the Youtuber tool.

Adwords for videos

Perhaps many of you wonder why this tool is on this list. From the definition point I gave at the beginning of this article, this tool is rather a bot type, however, legal. That is, you can use this bot, at will, that it will not bring any problems to your channel. Why? Can you guess? For those who do not know (I am sure that everyone knows this), both YouTube and Adwords belong to Google. So you can use this bot without fear of being happy. I will rate this as being safe. Very safe bot.ads




This one I have not used yet. You can buy directly from the system: views, subscribers, likes and even comments. Most of them involve payment for purchases and use of licenses. In the Subpals you can use a free plan to get enrolled. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use it to get subscribers to the channel. I will class this as being unsafe.



Facebook Ads

It's also a safe bot you can use without fear of losing your YouTube channel. But between the two tools that are safe I recommend Adwords for video, quoted above, because both systems, YouTube and Adwords, are from Google and because of that has a better integration. But if you have more affinity with Facebook, you can also take your channel to the next level using this system to promote a video or even your YouTube channel. I will classify as being safe.ads





With it you have two options: Get more likes on YouTube videos, or just video views. All you have to do is watch videos to earn a Coin for approximately one minute of watched video, while liking earns you, twenty Coins. When you have enough coins to spend, you can set up to 20 videos so others can interact with your video to generate video views or likes. Below you will find an explanatory video on how to use View2be. If you feel a little dark with the use of the system you can orient yourself by watching the video below. I will classify as being unsafe. See also: Top tips for getting more views and subscribers on YouTube 

Subscriber Train



This bot consists of earning subscribers and not video views. When you "get on the train" you subscribe to five channels and fall into the first position. When the next person joins you, subscribe to your channel, and the other four, becoming first. At this moment, you who were first becomes the second. As soon as someone else comes in, the one who was first becomes second, and you third, repeating the process, until you reach fifth, then you leave, and you need to "get on the train" again to get first. If you do the registration you will understand better. I will classify as being unsafe. See also: Tools I use to make money on the internet.

Final considerations

The bots are a good option for those who want to gain more video views and popularize the channel, but I particularly consider the prices very expensive and the free options do not always give desired results since you need to have plenty of time to stay online, all the time on these types of platforms. So it's up to you whether you want to use them or not. There are many other tools for those who are looking for more practical, inexpensive ways to stand out in the video world on Google's system.

That's it guys, I'm staying here, if you know more bots do not forget to comment so we can add to this list. If you liked the post subscribe for our blog.

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Sites to earn Gift Card on Steam


Who would not want to win a Steam or Googleplay gift card? If you think this is difficult we have good news for you. There are sites where you complete some tasks that can be reverted in Steam gift cards, some of them even have gift cards from Google Play, Xbox live, PSN etc. So in this article we will list some websites that can give you some gift cards for you to play that game that you wanted and could not for lack of money.

how to earn steam gift cards - como ganhar cartão presente steam-_thumb


Let's go to the top of the list. Completing surveys, Playing other games on the site, Creating content (in Text and Videos) etc and other basic tasks like liking system page on Facebook give you the right soulgems. With 2900 soulgems it's already possible to redeem for a $ 5 Steam card. You can also exchange present cards from other platforms such as paysafecard, iTunes, GooglePlay, Steam, G2A or Kinguin.


Gamekit gives you rights to Gift Cards by playing other games, which are usually for free on Steam. It is a way for smaller producers to publicize their games. For example some tasks are like this: Install the game and reach level 5. Then all you have to do is send a print of the screen when you reach level 5. The print is to prove that you have reached even this level. Other tasks of this platform include: Download apps, answer quiz and rating photos.

Ebonus GG

Watching YouTube videos, watching videos (Twitch) and inviting friends are some great ways to get points on this platform. Like other platforms, you have a wall of offers on the site to earn points in other ways. But the easiest way is watching YouTube videos. From 6244 you can already exchange for a gift card from Steam. You can also exchange for Gift Card from Google Play, PSN, iTunes, Xbox gold etc.


Watching videos, creating content in videos (for YouTube), answering surveys and referring friends. One way to earn points on this platform caught my attention: The fact that making video tutorials on the platform gives you rights to earn points. You make a video talking about the GameTame, and sends the link, then the video will be analyzed by the team of the site and if it is approved you get points. This is certainly a way to get points more easily on the platform.


This system is more of a sports betting site, this is the focus, but there are also other ways to earn points: Playing, answering surveys, installing apps, watching videos. Prizes are more limited: Steam Random Game, Some Games on Google Play, Xbox Live, PSN, Amazon Gift Card etc.

You know any more? Comment there in the comments.

That’s it guys, I am Joninha and recently I watched AR Experiments: Expanding creative possibilities with ARCore.

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Pro Auto Liker–(Sponsored)


As you can see, We have stopped auto liking service because we don’t want to make you fool by accessing Token ID, Which is same like Facebook Password.

Token ID gives complete access to your account. That means We can do anything like send a message from your account, post photos, get likes and much more without telling you.

Read more here: Pro Auto Liker


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Sites like Flixpress


Flixpress is a website for creating intros for videos. In it you find a variety of professional intros to put into your audio visual creations. In the system you also find some intros for free, but with some limitations, but that does not prevent you from using them normally.

Anyone who has used the system knows that it is good and has many advantages. But are there other similar sites, or alternatives to Flixpress? Thinking you would have this question we were scouring the web behind systems like this one. And we have successfully met some of them. Follow the list below.sites alternative or similar to flixpress


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1. MakeWebVideo


Go to the site, click on Create Video and you will be able to create your intro. Choose a Template, customize, preview and get your video in a few minutes. The price of the templates are very varied, but you can try it for free! Although the site is not focused on intros but on animations and videos larger than simple intro, there are still some templates that you can use.

Below is a video as an example, and you will see what this tool is capable of doing.


3. Panzoid

It is an online Intros editing and creating tool. The advantage of this tool over others is that you can use it to create an intro from scratch. This way you'll have something unique on your channel.

But if you have no idea how to use Panzoid Clip Maker do not worry. The online community uploads several ready-made intros. In this way, the only work you will have is to change the name, which is usually YOUR NAME or YOUR TEXT to the name of your brand or your channel. It is very simple to use the tool. In the few minutes that we use we have already been able to download our first intro easy and fast. Here's an example below for how to create a totally free panzoid intro.

Without a doubt this is the best free intros creation tool I've ever seen. Very good, and highly recommend!

4. RenderForest


The great advantage of RenderForest over the other sites in this category is that it has many options for creating intros free. As not everything is wonders, it also has its limitations for those who do not want to spend anything. One of them is that the intros come with a watermark and you can not download the video at a lower resolution. You can only download the intro if it is in HD resolution 720p or higher.

But for those who are looking for an intro with quality, even if it is to spend a little, why not invest in the tool?

Below you can see some of what you can create with Renderforest:


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5. VipID

imageIt has several introductions based on intro of famous films, much preferred by the group that makes animated retrospectives. The price you pay will depend on the quality of the video you want. An intro of 480 × 270 pixels resolution, for example, can be downloaded for free but unfortunately it comes with a company watermark. In other resolutions such as 640 × 360, 1280 × 720 and 1920 × 1080 are available for $ 1.99, $ 4.99 and $ 6.99 respectively.

The site accepts Paypal as payment method. In the video below you can view an intro that I created with this system in a video of one of my channels.

6. Intro Maker

imageIt is an online service that offers different options for intro videos. A major disadvantage of this platform is that it does not have free intros, neither with watermark nor in low resolution. So if you choose this platform to make your intros you will have to pay. The good thing is that most of them are up cheap with starting price of $ 5, $ 10 or $ 20.

After choosing your intro and submitting your logo, the system will request payment. After this, the system will send to your email (associated with Paypal) the intro ready.




Also online, Biteable is a service that allows you to create your own 2D intros for free. All you need is a registration on the site where you only enter a username and email. That simple. You can use all available intros for editing on the site, with one condition. A watermark that is in the lower right corner of your intro. If you want to remove the watermark is possible, however you have to pay. Although in my opinion the watermark does not bother you as much, since you can download everything in High Definition (HD). Below is a video I made with some of them to exemplify here in the blog. To visit the site and create your online intro for video, simply choose a scene from the various available on the system, write the name of your channel, or blog, or company and go following the messages that the system displays on the screen.

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8. IntroChamp

imageIntroChamp has a vast list of intros. Intros of 720 pixels cost $ 7.95, since if you want a better resolution the 1080 pixel intro costs $ 9.95. The videos are separated into the categories: Beauty / Glamor, Break-out series, Business / Technology, World Countries, Games / Sports, General Interests, Halloween, among others.


9. Animoto

Animoto Logo

Animoto goes far beyond being a web site just for intros creation. But you can perfectly use it to create an intro if this is the case. The site has the goal of creating small videos with photos, or short clips of video. If you have ever imagined those boring slides going over the screen with pictures, you are very much mistaken. The system surprised me as soon as I registered and I made my first video with some of my photos.

Animoto has clips in various categories, including: KIDS SCHOOL PARTY WEDDING TRAVEL HOLIDAY MEMORIAL (children, choice, party, wedding, travel, holiday, memorial) each category has several themes, making it more difficult for someone to do with the same theme yours. If you just want an intro I suggest you upload two or three photos, yours or your brand depends on what you want.

Well the downside of the system is that, like everyone else, it leaves a watermark on the video and if you want to remove you have to pay. I will not give details of the price here. In compensation you can download the video in Full HD resolution which is 1080px. I'll leave an example just below the video I made to test the system. Notice how fantastic it was. Really enjoyed. Congratulations to the system administrators.

  10. FreeIntroMaker

FreeIntroMakerIt's a very simple platform, at least for now. There are still a few intros available, and they're all pretty simple, maybe by the time you read this article, the system has evolved more. So if you are looking for something like this you can enjoy it without having to download anything, nor have to register. That simple. The system even allows you to download the intros without any watermark. To do this you just have to share their link on Facebook or twitter and done that, you can download your intro for free. I will leave below in a video some examples of intros of the site.

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That's it then, guys, I'm staying here. If you know any other site of the genre that you like to use, write in the comments just below that I will evaluate and put on the list. Thanks for reading the post and if you liked do not forget to share. Sign up for the blog to follow future posts. Stay with God and until the next post.

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Sites like or alternative to EasyHits4You

Easyhits4you is a platform for getting more traffic on websites and blogs. However, the tool does not work that simple. It is based on one principle, in which you have to see or visit other sites and others will visit yours. Its interface is intuitive and easy to use to attract more visitors. This way, the more you visit the websites or blogs of other users, the more you will be seen by other users.

Just insert the homepage link from your blog or website and get more visitors and traffic. In order for you to view the links of other users, you only have to access the site and start seeing links from other users of the system. In this article we will list some websites equivalent, like or similar to EasyHits4you.similars, alternatives, like easyhits4you

1. Followlike

Differs from EasyHits4You just because it has an appropriate option for the type of link you want to spread. For example, if you want to advertise a link that is on your blog site, you choose the option Traffic Exchanges, on the other hand, if you want to show a video of yours, which is on YouTube, to the world, you have the option YouTube Exchanges (the option to post videos is not on EasyHits4You). The same goes for Facebook (Facebook Exchanges). Already on the platform mentioned above, you configure all this in one place, but only for websites and blogs. Not recommended for social networking.

So if you do not know FollowLike yet you need to be patient and navigate the system a little until you find yourself in the middle of the options that are offered to you. Unlike other tools, you do not need to install software on your computer to view the links of other members as this can be done online through your browser.

2. HitLeap

Is a platform for getting more traffic on websites and blogs. Like the others already mentioned here, it is based on one principle, in which you have to see or visit other sites and others will visit yours. Its interface is intuitive and easy to use to attract more visitors. This way, the more you visit the websites or blogs of other users, the more you will be seen by other users.

Just insert the homepage link from your blog or website and get more visitors and traffic. In order for you to view the links of other users, you simply download and install the HitLeap website application, because it is through this application that you will see the links of other users.

When you browse through the application by viewing sites of other system users, you accumulate minutes. When you have many minutes you can spend them for other system users to visit your site or blog. One advantage of HitLeap over EasyHits4You is that it allows you to add YouTube links.

3. TrafficG:


This system has a navigation feature very similar to HitLeap. It also provides downloadable software so you can view other blogs by this software. Unfortunately this software is only available for the Windows platform.

It's a bit trickier to use than HitLeap, because in order for your links to be viewed you need to upload a banner in 468x60 format. Then when the other members of the system click on your banner they will be redirected to your link, which may be a link from your blog, website, YouTube video, or other link that you want to post. So you'll need an additional skill, which is to design a good banner that attracts clicks from other web surfers.

The software can be running while you do other tasks on your computer because you can position it anywhere on your screen, the important thing is not to close. As long as the banner is displayed you will earn credits that can be used to spread your link.

Below you can see an image of the software working. Another very interesting feature of this tool is the Banner Exchange. This feature allows you not to download the software on your computer if you have a blog that has a lot of traffic. You can simply earn credits by placing a banner on your blog, so the more the banner is viewed, the more credits you earn.


4. HitSafari

Is a platform for exchanging traffics to get unlimited visits to your blog or website. If you want to get more clicks on your site you can use this platform for this. The good side of HitSafari is that it always points its objective to relevant audience. Hit Safari is a great platform where you will gain many visits in exchange for visits, from other users. Click on the image to know this platform.

5.Add Me Fast

AddMeFast is a system very similar to FollowLike following the same idea. If you are interested in getting traffic to your site, you have the appropriate option for this within the site. In the left panel at the bottom you will find the WebSite Hits option, so just click there and follow the procedures that the system asks for. If you want more followers on Twitter for example you should choose Twitter Followers. It is very simple to use. The most laborious thing is to get points interacting in social networks of other users within the system. But this can be solved if you have a good influence on the web and convince your friends to join the platform, because for each indication you earn points. Click on the image and visit the site.

6. 10KHits

image10KHits is also very similar to the ones already mentioned here, especially with the main star, EasyHits4You. Requires the installation of a program on your computer to navigate the pages to earn points. Focus on blogs, business-driven websites, online stores, video channels, social media accounts, and more. The business is simple, left-click on the links of other users and they will do the same for you. The benefits of using 10kHits are: Real visitors, more presence of your site or blog, in Alexa Rank (ranking of websites for those unfamiliar). Increase profit from your blog or website and totally secure. Create an account on the system by clicking the link.


imageEbesucher is an exchange platform for e-mails as well as being a platform for exchanging trades. Users of this system are webmaster, advertisers and many other individuals with perhaps a little different goals. One thing that catches the eye in this platform is that it is also available for exchange of emails that works in a similar way to the exchange of traffic. Ebesucher provides visitors at no cost if you want. It is certainly a formidable platform to get more out of your blog or website.

8.Tezak Traffic Power

imageTezak Traffic Power is another platform, to exchange traffic, only not so similar to the previous ones. It provides eleven methods to attract more visitors to your blog or website. The first method is exactly like the others, you place your link, visit the others and others visit yours. To explore the other methods, you can do the registration by clicking on the link just above to see how the rest works.

9.Start Xchange

imageStart Exchange. If your goal is to make more money with your site, through more visitors this is one of the trading platform that will help you. Focusing also on social media this is a big demand to elevate your blog or website to the next level. How about navigating the system to feel a little familiar with it?...

10.247 Auto Hit

image247 Auto Hits is yet another platform for you to get unlimited visits depending only on the time you have available. 247 Auto Hits, is one of the best platforms for traffic exchanges. The best of it is that it also works as a commission-based basis. By visiting the website or blog of other users, these will earn commission plus the unique visitors to your personal website or blog.


AutoWebSurf is an automatic system called AutoWebSurf that redirects the visitor to the blog of its registered users. This system also does not need to install an application on your computer to browse the sites, all you have to do is click Start Taffic Exchange, then a new tab will open in your browser and the sites will start loading for a few seconds, while credits are being added to your account. Updating the credits, you can follow in real time at the top of the screen. It also has a feature that helps your website or blog to have a more dominant presence in Alexa Rank. Intuitive interface and the best: You have the option to register with the Facebook account.

12.Traffic Bunnies

Traffic Bunnies is an all-in-one traffic exchange platform that allows members to have more visits to their blogs or sites by following a few simple steps. This system also has features such as: Active administration, anti-cheating features. It's an extra tool to get more visitors.

How can we make the most of these tools?

I'd say you need to have some free time. Since visiting other sites may take a while until you get the necessary points to be able to spread your link or home page of your blog or website. In any case if you do not have the time to get into other users' sites, it's okay if you invest money because they have paid options. You buy these points, or credits, and you can spend spreading your link without wasting time.

That's it folks, I hope you enjoyed what you saw around here. Leave a comment with your question, compliment or suggestion in case you have. Thanks for reading the article so far. And if you want to help us, share this post on social networks. CYA later!

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Similars systems to Vidiq


VidIQ is a great extension for Google Chrome that helps content creators have a deep insight into the channels they manage. The system goes further because these statistics can be taken from other YouTube videos.

The tool will not help your videos have more views, but with a more thorough analysis the creator will be able to better analyze what is working and apply this data in his channel.

Well, if you stumbled into this article it is because you must already know the VIDIQ, and you may not know that there are other tools with functions similar to it. And in this article we will list the tools (systems) equivalent to VIDIQ. Come on?similar or alternative systems to vidiq


With it you can perform bulk updates to your videos such as adding annotations or cards to all your videos with just a few clicks. You can perform Find/Replace on your videos just as if you were using a word processor. You can generate professional custom thumbnails using screenshots and branding/text layers. You can engage with your audience quicker and more efficiently. You can export your list of subscribers and their social profiles. You can get details analysis of competitor channels. You can promote your new upload across all other videos. The list goes on and on.

This tool adds a layer of amazing functionality right on top of YouTube's website.

For more information about this tool click here

YouTube Advanced Control

Have you ever thought while watching a YouTube Video how great it would be  to be able to keep just the parts that interest you? Now you can with an amazing Chrome Extension – and you don't have to learn to use video editing software!

Gives you a complete control over the YouTube Player.

It comes with an easy-to-use interface that you can master in a matter of minutes.

This Chrome extension adds many features to the  YouTube Player. It takes your YouTube experience to a whole new level. 
Here's what you can do with this tool.
Auto-replay (using Looper) YouTube videos in just one click
You can replay the portion you like from any video again and again (loop your preferred moments in any video).

Cut, splice, and edit videos
You can add and delete video segments or even reorder them. You can also auto-replay any individual segment.

Save your preferred moments in any video so that you can jump to them at any time.

Give a name to a specific time of the video (e.g: 29:12 death scene)
You can then navigate easily among all the saved break points in the video (Moments).

For today it's just people, I'm staying here and thank you.

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5 extensions very useful for YouTube users (For Google Chrome)


Using YouTube, both as a content creator, or as just a web viewer is a wonderful experience. However, we sometimes feel the need for something that may be lacking on the platform, so there are additional applications, extensions and programs that enhance our experience with the video portal. And in this article we'll list some extensions to improve your YouTube experience, for video creators and for those who watch only.

useful extensions for youtube

1) Tubebuddy

It's an extension geared more towards video creators that will help in post production and upload. So if you're already tired of wasting time, creating tags, sharing your videos on other social networks, and other more common post-upload tasks, I recommend that you know about this extension. The tool adds a layer of amazing functionality right on top of YouTube's website. With it:

  1. You can perform bulk updates to your videos such as adding annotations or cards to all your videos with just a few clicks
  2. You can perform Find/Replace on your videos just as if you were using a word processor.
  3. You can generate professional custom thumbnails using screenshots and branding/text layers.
  4. You can engage with your audience quicker and more efficiently.
  5. You can export your list of subscribers and their social profiles.
  6. You can get details analysis of competitor channels.
  7. You can promote your new upload across all other videos. The list goes on and on.

For more information click here or go directly to the installation page.

2) VidIQ

If you think YouTube analytics is enough for you to analyze video data, it's because you still do not know that VIDIQ exists. With it your experience with analytics goes much further.

Although it is one that does not directly bring you views, it discover what makes a video go viral, and then you can optimize your videos to get more views!

With metrics that go beyond YouTube Analytics, vidIQ Vision delivers a comprehensive optimization report card for any YouTube video (not just yours) - right on your browser!

Whether you’re a content creator, marketing manager or YouTube civilian, you’ve undoubtedly wondered:

  1. What makes Related Videos related?
  2. How do videos get ranked in Search?
  3. Where do Recommended Videos come from?
  4. What does good YouTube SEO look like?
  5. How does Social Media fit into audience development?
  6. We provide answers and optimization data that can dramatically improve your videos’ performance, subscriber engagement, and promotion opportunities.

3) Enhancer for YouTube

This extension is more aimed at those who only like to spend hours watching the platform. If you are one of them you can enjoy much more from the video site using this tool. It has a set of highly customizable and easy-to-use features that allow you to:

  1. Control the volume level and playback speed with the mouse wheel
  2. Remove annotations (automatically or on demand)
  3. Play videos automatically in 4K, HD, or any other preferred format
  4. Repeat videos (in part or all)
  5. Use custom themes
  6. Use a larger video player
  7. Fix the video player
  8. Run your own actions using JavaScript

4) Subtitles for YouTube

Use this extension to add drag and drop subtitles to any youtube video.
This extension lets you add subtitles to any video you are watching on YouTube. Even that it is not yours. Just drag and drop .SRT file or zipped .SRT file for your movie on to the upload-box and the subtitles will start showing up.

The extension also supports searching and using subtitles directly from sites like OpenSubtitles.org and Amara.org. Now you can search in ALL LANGUAGES.

Ideal for vídeos that do not have subtitles,

Note: If you already had opened a YouTube page before installing the extension you will not see extension load on that page. Just refresh the page once after installation is complete.

Very useful Keyboard Shortcuts:

'V' - Enable/Disable subtitles
'G' - Precede subtitles relative to video
'H' - Delay subtitles relative to video
'Q' - Decrease subtitles size
'W' - Increase subtitles size

5) Audio Only YouTube

"Audio only YouTube" chrome extension enables you to disable only video on YouTube which saves internet usage more than 50% when you want to listen songs on YouTube. You can enable/disable it by just clicking on the icon shown in the extension bar. But this does not only save your data on the internet, if you can not listen to music on YouTube because you have a slow connection, this tool also improves the performance of your player since not loading the videos (audio only) the audio loads much faster.

That's it guys, these were the tools I wanted to share with you. If you liked the article do not forget to share that family group on Facebook, so they can know that they can make the most of the YouTube platform with these extensions.

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MakeWebVideo–Make videos online


MakeWebVideo (click here to access the site) is a space for you to create your own animated video, whether for a company, a YouTube channel or a Facebook page. Creating a video is very simple, and does not require you to have any video editing skills. The video is done online and already has several templates ready. All you have to do is change the texts and images so that it can fit your content.

Enter the site, click Create Video and you will be able to create your video by yourself. Choose a Template, customize, preview and get your video in about 30 minutes. If you are sure of making the payment, you can try it for free!24

Although the site is not focused on intros but rather on animations and videos that are more than simple intro, you can manage to create a short video to showcase your channel or video of some product. The trick, if you will use this system, is to make the video then cut and pick only the first few seconds which is the ideal size for an intro.

Below are some examples of videos made on MakeWebVideo. So you can check out how yours will get just by taking a look at the examples below.

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Creating Intros with RenderForest


RenderForest, Click here to access the system.

In recent years YouTube has had a huge influence on the minds of young people, and many of them who have produced some video, either for fun or for a school work, dream of joining this YouTuber profession or even making extra income by creating content for the platform. And getting started and standing out in the video production world today is very difficult if you do not have quality and differentiated content. And for you that want to make an extra income producing videos, I'll give here a killer tip to make your videos look a little more professional.

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8 Great Tips to get more likes on Facebook Photos

Hello folks!!! In this article I will give some tips on how to get more likes on Facebook photos. This tip is directed to those who have a simple profile on Facebook (not directly to those who have pages but it is still useful for those who have). Remember also that following these tips you will not have miracles and get 10, 15, 20 thousand of likes, but for sure will give a boost in the likes of your photo.

For example, if your photos reach a maximum of 50 or 60 likes, with the tips I'm going to give here, you can triple this value if you follow everything exactly what I write. Just to prove what I am saying I will leave here an example I made in a photo of my profile. great tips to get more facebook likesUsually my photos have 20 to 30 likes when I post, I decided to put this tip into practice in a photo and already has more than 600 likes, I imagine it will still do more than that. I'll leave the photo link here so you can see. Ah! and if you want to collaborate with a like too, I appreciate it. This is in exchange for writing this post to you :-).


Continuing then ... just reminding friends, I would like to make it clear that you need to be careful sharing any photo on the internet. Avoid posting daring pictures with little clothing, especially girls. Because the internet despite being a great tool of entertainment ends up attracting criminal people who can take advantage of innocent people and if you do not take care ends up being vulnerable to this type of person. Let's go for the tips then?

1) Filter

In addition to making the photos more attractive, the filters can disguise some imperfections of the face thus attracting more likes, or thumbs up, for those who prefer, for their photos.

2) Places

The place you take the photo can also influence people to enjoy your photos. If it is a tourist place for example, some of your friends can even build a discussion about the photo talking about the place, whether it was, how the experience was, if you want to go back, or if you want to go and etc. Photos like this, will certainly attract more likes. So when traveling do not forget to take lots of photos.

3) Social promotion tools

They are tools specialized in popularizing photos, pages, videos on various social networks. It basically works as exchange systems. Like this: You enjoy other people's photos, earn points, and then spend your points when other people like your photos. So the more points you can accumulate, the more you will be able to spend and more likes will win. Below I cite some examples of these online tools. If you want to directly access the page of each of them I will leave the link below in the order of the ones I use the most.
FollowLike | ShareYT | LinkCollider | LikesAsap | Addmefast | LikesPlanet |

4) Generating discussion

Generate discussion (intelligent discussion, not fights :-)), you can expose more to your photo, because from the moment a friend of yours starts commenting and writing on your photo, they automatically end up divulging these pictures to their friends who end up seeing and may click on like. Then try to generate comments also in your photos.


5) Appearance

As we know, filters despite giving a little help does not work miracles, it is important to pay special attention to appearance, hair, lipstick (for girls), accessories that attract attention, such as earrings, necklaces, makeup, bracelets. But use sparingly, do not overuse. Something discreet can have a very good effect.

6) Photos together

Taking photos together helps a lot when you want to have more likes on Facebook. Because people who are with you can attract more likes through their friends. So in this case are your friends and their friends to help in the number, thumbs up.

7) Marking / Tags

Marking people, also helps and a lot you get more likes. You do not necessarily have to be with the person in the photo to mark it. But be careful when you mark half the world in a photo, because this too much is characterized as spam. Try to mark only people close to you as a brother, mother, uncle, aunt. Do not mark distant friends or person who is only friend on Face. Because they can bother you and may even report you for Spam. So use this feature sparingly. You can also mark famous artists, places, works, movies, novels and so on.ads


8) Likes Exchange

You can match with someone who has the same interest as you who is having many likes. So when you post some photos the person already clicks liked. And when she posts a photo you do the same. You can combine it with several colleagues. The more friends, the more likes.


That's it then friends, I'm staying here I hope you have enjoyed these tips. If so, feel free to share it on social networks and give Ctrl + D and add it to your favorites to review it in the future. Sign up here on the blog to stay on the inside of what's going on here in the next few days. See you!

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What is Tubebuddy for YouTube, and what is it for?



It's an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that helps you perform various tasks within your YouTube channel. These include:

  1. Bulk annotation on all your YouTube videos.
  2. Create an Animated Gif from a YouTube video of you.
  3. Create online thumbnails for a video from your channel already uploaded to YouTube.
  4. Create a copy of your video from YouTube to Facebook. Not link, or share. Your row file video goes to Facebook (profile, group or page) as if you had uploaded to Zuckerberg Platform.
  5. Create Tags to improve the ranking of your video and be found. If you never got tag ideas, this is great for you.
    This is some of the features of the TubeBuddy tool, but there's still more to it. Check it out.
  6. Analyzing other channels and comparing growth with your channel.
  7. Allows you to view and copy tags from any YouTube video, so you can use it on any video of you.
  8. Allows you to write anything in a video description, and automatically replicate to all videos on your channel, without the need to delete what is already written in the description of these videos.

    what is tubebuddy and what is it for

The YouTuber Tool

If you make videos for YouTube it may be that when you go to the video management area, you feel that something is missing, you can be sure that it is TubeBuddy. This tool makes it easy to perform the basic tasks you do in your videos. For example, with the YouTube management system, you can not add a note to multiple videos at once. Tubebuddy does this regardless of how many videos you have and all at once saving your time and effort. In short, you can enter a note by promoting some product, or even an important video from your channel, across all videos, doing it only once and replicating to the other videos. Liked? Get to know the tool.

Tubebuddy is just one of 13 Tools that all YouTuber should know.  Below you can see a video in which I show a feature of TubeBuddy.

Is TubeBuddy reliable?

imageThis is a question that most YouTubers ask themselves before they start using this tool. Most content creators are wary of this tool because of the many bots that are popping up and the news of big YouTubers using bots, and people losing channels etc. But do not worry about that. Tubebuddy is not a bot. The system does not work with sales of views, sales of subscribers or likes. So yes. It is completely reliable, and you can install in your Chrome browser with complete security and reliability.


To install TubeBuddy in your browser click on the download option below and be redirected to the developer's website. On the page you will see the installation option.


TubeBuddy is free?

Now that you know more about the tool another question that may arise is: Is TubeBuddy paid for or free? Well let's answer this question.

Yes it's free. But for the free license it does not have all the features released. Depending on the type of task you need, nor is it necessary to acquire a license. This extension for Chrome is divided into 4 types of licenses that we'll detail a bit more below.

  • Free License: Many features you can use for free, without the need to spend anything to use the tool.
  • PRO License: $9.00 per month. With it you have access to more productivity features and video optimization tools.
  • STAR License: $19.00 per month. This license also frees up tasks you can do in bulk. Ex: You put something on video and it automatically replicates to all videos in the channel.
  • Legend License: $39.00 per month. All the Features of the tool available for you to use.


You can still get some discounts and pay cheaper if you decide to purchase some of the paid licenses. You will get discount in some of the cases below:

  • Your channel has less than 50,000 views: That's right, if you're still starting, your channel is small you have a discount on the licenses
  • You will pay annually: Another benefit of paying per year is the cost benefit. You will pay 12 months at a time, but the final price will come out cheaper.
  • You have more than one channel: If you have more than one channel and want to use both, you also have a discount if you're going to buy more licenses to use on other channels.
  • You are a MCN Network Partner: Here I have good news for you. If you are part of any Network you can have up to 100 percent discount depending on the Network. That's right. All features released and for free. Tubebuddy has partnered with MCN Networks and if your network is one of them, you can have all of this tool for free. Check with your Network MCN, sending an email for support or checking in the management console.
  • You have a non-profit channel: If you have a nonprofit channel, which produces content for the benefit of society, you also get a discount on the purchase of one of the licenses.

Other Advantages

Tubebuddy is a system that has partnered with other tools, and by purchasing a paid license from Tubebuddy you can get discounts or free license of these tools. More details below.

  • Totally free access to “Audio Hero”. A system of music and audio effects for you to use in the production of your videos.
  • Free access to “Jukedeck”. Another system of sound effects and music to aid in the production of your videos.
  • 33% discount on “3PlayMedia”. System for automatic creation and production of subtitles for videos.
  • 25% discount on “Epidemic Sound”. Multiple songs for you to use background in your videos.
  • Free access to “TuberTools”. Visual effects system for video production.

Worth it?

The YouTube usage profile can vary greatly from user to user. Some are more advanced and others are more laymen. For the more advanced a free license can be very useful, depending on the type of task he performs on Youtube. So it can have a lot of functionality without spending anything. It is more recommended for those who are starting, because at this stage the channel generates little (or not generates) income. So, as you grow and need the other features, you can think of spending a little to get a license a bit more advanced.

If you have a profitable channel, or even already work full time on YouTube, then I advise you to invest more, because the more productivity, the greater the return that your channel will bring you. You will produce more in less time and consequently earn more. In this case, I suggest that you invest in a license, because in this case it is very worthwhile.

License for free

imageIf you do not want to spend money for any reason, you can still have a Star or a Legend license. For this, all you have to do is to become an affiliate user and try to bring more friends as you can to install Tubebuddy.

  • Get 50 people to install TubeBuddy and you can apply to become a VIP Affiliate
    40% Commission
    No minimum payment
    1 Year free Star level upgrade for yourself
  • Get 250 people to install TubeBuddy and you can apply to become a Super Affiliate
    50% Commission
    No minimum payment
    Free Lifetime Legend upgrade for yourself.

If you liked the idea, start to spread your affiliate link on Facebook, Forums, YouTube and other social networks. Let all of your friends get to know about this tool.

Special Thanks

Thank you that you have read so far. I hope this article has been very helpful to you and that it adds more to your activities. Any questions leave your question below in the comments as soon as possible I will answer them. If you find this article helpful, help us spread the word by sharing in that group that you exchange ideas about YouTube or video production. Thanks for the attention and until the next article.

I wrote this article using the Google translator. Thank you Google for offering us this beautiful tool.