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Best paid Systems to promote YouTube Channel, Sites, Blogs and Facebook Page


2010 was the year that I created my blog and I decided to post content on it and on my YouTube channel so that one day I would work from home. In the early years were difficult, because as much as I posted video or created articles it was difficult to spread these contents over the web. That's when I started using some digital marketing tools to promote my content.

By doing this I also learned how important it is to use tools at least in the beginning to get the spotlight. But I still say, advertising is the soul of the business. For example, Coca-Cola, as much as it does not need to advertise the product, nevertheless we always see her commercials on TV or Internet.

Over the years I have known many tools and I am far from knowing them all. So I'll leave here the best tools I've ever known to promote your YouTube channel, website, blog, or Facebook Page.

Best paid Systems to promote YouTube Channel, Sites, Blogs and Facebook Page


In my opinion it is better tool for those who want to promote a website, blog; Whether it is intended to attract a target audience or sell a product. Adword is a professional platform used by thousands of companies. So if you have a website or blog the best tool to advertise is Adwords. Reason: Integration with the largest search engine on the planet, Google.

Recomended for sites and Blogs

Adwords for Videos

Ideal for anyone wanting to advertise in video form with YouTube. You create a video, upload to YouTube talking about your business. So you pay if the viewer clicks on the link, which will likely lead to your site, or if it does not skip the ad. With it you'll also get more views for your video, if that's the case. Your video link can be directed to your channel so the viewer knows the rest of your content. If the viewer likes your videos, they can even subscribe to your channel. For those who want to promote a channel on YouTube, this is the most recommended platform.

Recomended for YouTube Channel, Sites and Blogs


Simple and intuitive platform, full of features, for you to take your blog or website to the next level. The system is not as simple as Adwords and Adwords for Videos. To start posting your website or blog you will need credits that can be purchased for an initial price of $ 9.95. The credits can be spent in the form of impressions of banners and texts that will have links from your website or blog. The target audience is users of the platform itself, which through the system itself, or software that is installed on the user's computer, will see your ads. In exchange for this they will accumulate credits to also promote content on the web.

The advantage of this system is that it is much cheaper than the ones mentioned above.

Recomended for sites and Blogs


The website works with a kind of coins, so you will have to buy coins. The starting package is US$5,99. With this tool you can promote Facebook Pages, Twiter Profile, Songs on Soundcloud, Instagram profile, sites and blogs. Although it also supports YouTube I do not recommend promote videos and YouTube channels with it, because for this it is not so good.

Recomended for Sites, Blogs, Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram etc


ShareYT is the same category as Followlike and works in much the same way. Both FollowLike and ShareYT are most recommended for home users, who do not want to spend a lot of money. I do not recommend these for companies that need something more effective and a better result. Here to advertise you will need $ 7.50 to buy the cheapest package wich is 1000 coins.

Recomended for Sites, Blogs, Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram etc


In this system you need to buy minutes. The user will view your link for up to one minute, so it will decide if it will interact more with your site / blog or not at this time. When you register, you get 100 minutes for free to start to spread your word. In the link settings you will find the Add New Website option so that you can place the url of your blog / website. Each time someone visits your link their minutes are being discounted. When you do not have more minutes then your link will no longer appear to the other users of the of this system. These users will visit your site in exchange for your minutes.

The plan paid (has only one) is US$ 8.00 per month. With it you earn 5000 minutes to spread links from your blog or website.

Recomended for Sites and Blogs


There are 5000 views for $ 5 dollars, meaning starting with a campaign at this amount you will get your article shown on the screen for 5,000 times, for 5 seconds. So the user will choose whether to access your article or not. Example with interstitial ads.

If you choose to campaign with you need to put a very attractive headline that will whet the user's curiosity when they see your ad. Well, there is a great possibility that he will click on your ad.


In Adfly your ad will be displayed in three formats:

  • Interstitial Adverts - Occurs when the user clicks a link that redirects to another page. At the time of the redirect your ad is shown. The user has the option to skip the ad after waiting for 5 seconds. Price starts at $ 1.00 a CPM.
  • Leaderboard banner advertising - It's a bit similar to interstitials, but the user does not need to skip the ad to see the content of the site. At the top of the screen will your ad appear, and it will stay there until the user resolves to close or not. Price starts at $ 0.20 per CPM. Very cheap.
  • Pop Ad Advertising - These are the pop ups, as you already know opens when the user accesses an article. And as long as he does not close the ad he will not be able to read the article. Your ads will appear on these items. Price starts at US$ 0.80 per CPM.

Recomended for Sites and Blogs

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are for Facebook videos, what Adwords for videos are, for YouTube videos. So if you chose this platform to publish your videos the best platform to advertise them is Facebook Ads. Also remember that through Facebook Ads you are able to promote your website or blog and it is also highly recommended for companies that aims to promote some product.

Usually the cost to advertise on Facebook Ads is expensive, so it ends up being inappropriate for home users who want to spend little money, at least now that youtube videos are still not being monetized.

For those who want to advertise blogs or websites, it is more advantageous to advertise in Adwords since the platform is integrated with Google, which is the largest search engine on the internet. Due to this integration your money will be better invested if you choose Adwords. This is my opinion.

Final conclusion

There are many similar or alternative tools to Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. I could extend this article to dozens of examples. But I decided to put only the ones I know because I have or have used it a few times in the past.

The best tool will depend on every YouTuber, Blogger. The tip is to try out each one of them and see which best fits every need. I hope this article has been helpful to you.

7 great tools to promote your videos on YouTube


YouTube, Ferramentas top para divulgar seus vídeosHello everyone, in this post I've separated some good tools to advertise your videos from your channel on YouTube. Today with almost two million total video views, some of them helped get this number.

To verify what I'm talking about visit And take a look at the view numbers. Only with some videos I prefer to use this type of tool, since my channel has so many videos today that it would not have like me to use at all videos. To verify the result I use a lot with some simple videos. Today my channel has videos  with more than 300 thousand views.

And they are all very simple, so they really need a tool that helps to increase the number of views, I will leave here as example a playlist of videos that is in my channel and that I have already used enough these types of tools to assist in the number of views.


If you are youtuber and want to receive the best tips to take your channel to the next level, subscribe to TopDikas. You will receive the best content and learn how to leave your channel more professional and reach a larger audience

Good but I'm not here to talk about my channel and my videos, but the tools. The first one I'm going to talk about is FollowLike.


imageThe website works with a kind of coins, but the service is free as well. By interacting with other users' platforms you accumulate coins that you can spend on a campaign you make. This includes YouTube views, comments, and Likes. Besides YouTube you can popularize your page or your profile in other social networks too: like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. I'm not using it anymore, but when I was, and I was particularly enjoying it because helped me a lot.

Name Followlike
Platform Multiplatform
License Free with paid options

Veja também: O que você precisa saber antes de criar um canal no YouTube para ganhar dinheiro


imageShareYT is also cross-platform, very similar to Followlike. In addition to being able to promote your YouTube videos you can also publish your page or profile of various other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on ... To see the rest of the networks, make your registration and know the platform. It is a system that is growing very fast increasing the number of users in the community every day, currently the system has an average of 250 concurrent online users active on the site. What does that mean? More interaction with each other bringing benefit to everyone.

Name ShareYT
Platform Multiplatform
License Free with paid options


It is not a tool that will increase the views of your video directly by spreading your content over the web, but it is a tool that will help you to be more productive and save your time a lot. With it you'll be able to produce more videos for your channel in less time.

It's an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that helps you perform various tasks within your YouTube channel. These include:
Bulk annotation on all your YouTube videos.
Create an Animated Gif from a Youtube Video.
Create beautiful Thumbnails online for a video of yours already uploaded to YouTube.
Create a copy of your YouTube video to Facebook,
Explore tags to improve the ranking of your video and be found by Google and Bing.
Analyze other channels and compare growth with your channel.
Lets you view and copy tags from any YouTube video, so you can use it on any of your videos.
It allows you to write anything in the description of a video, and automatically replicate to all videos on your channel, without the need to delete what is already written in the description of these videos.

Name TubeBuddy
Platform Multiplatform
License Free with paid options



imageThis works with minutes. When you register, you'll earn 100 minutes for free to start spread your video or channel. Click Add New Website and enter the url of your video or channel if you want to advertise your channel instead of a video only. Each time someone visits your link your minutes will be discounted. To earn more minutes you need to download an application and install it on your computer. Through this application you view the links of other users, so you will accumulate more minutes that can be used to generate traffic for you then. The more minutes you generate, more clicks on your links you gain.

Name HitLeap
Platform Multiplatform
License Free with paid options is not a specific tool for promoting YouTube channels or videos, but you can, for example, insert a post link from your blog that has a video of your channel, thus making an "indirect" disclosure. Explainning better, you embed your video into your blog post, then grab the link from the blog post, and advertise with Adfly. So when the user view the post, he may click on the video. Depending on the type of disclosure you want to make Adf.Ly can perfectly meet your needs.

The downside is that (although it is cheap) you need to pay to advertise your link. There are 5000 views for $ 5 dollars, meaning starting with a campaign at this amount you will have your article with your video, or channel, shown on the screen for 5,000 times, for 5 seconds. Hence the user will choose whether to click your article or not.

If you choose to campaign with it is necessary that you place a very attractive thumbnail that will arouse the user's curiosity when they see your ad. Well, there is a great possibility that he will click on your ad. Remember also that ad impression does not mean a view in your video, to gain one view, the user needs to click on your ad where he will be redirected to your article, when reading the article will probably click on the play button, thus adding, another view on your video.
Name Adfly
Platform Multiplatform
License Paid


imageIn addition to being a multiplatform system like Followlike and Addmefast also serves as an SEO optimizer (search engine optmization) that is, for those who have blogs or websites and thinking to give a lever in the pageviews I recommend this system that counts on the without cost.

Name LinkCollider
Platform Multiplatform
License Free with paid options

Add-me Fast

Similar to FollowLike and Link Collider, Add-me Fast works in the same style. Addmefast is the most famous of the genre with many users. Besides YouTube, there are several other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud. Several options for you that want to spread your profile or even a work as music, if it is the case of the SoundCloud platform. To have thousands of likes on photos on Facebook is not problem with AddMeFast.

Name AddMeFast
Platform Multiplatform
License Free with paid options

For more informations about this tool, watch this video below.

Adwords for videos
Belongs to Google, lets you make a disclosure as soon as you upload to YouTube. The most recommended, for anyone who wants thousands of views in some video. Very used by large companies to advertise a brand or a product. Little used by users who simply want to advertise their video or channel on YouTube, Users like Vloggers or YouTuber, Video editors.

Name Adwords for videos
Platform Multiplatform
License Paid

Just below you can check a budget that I just made if you want to promote a video with Adwords for video, you will know more or less how much you will pay.

That's it folks, I'm staying around here then. If you know of any other tools that are effective for promoting videos on YouTube, leave a comment below. Who knows we can not test and put here in this post. Sign up for the blog to stay on top of what happens here in the next articles. If you liked the post, share it on social networks because one hand washes the other. Until the next post.

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Understanding the color dollar sign on YouTube


When uploading videos to YouTube, one thing you hardly forget, is to enable their monetization. But not all videos are always monetized all the time because some problems always arise between uploads. When a monetization problem arises as soon as you upload it is easier to fix the error, however some problems appear after days or months. So as the video often already has many views it is more difficult to fix.

When these inevitable problems arise, the dollar sign instead of green becomes another color. Yellow or gray. And in this post we will explain a little what each color means. To help with the example, I've taken some of my videos from my main channel Sonajeunderstanding the color dollar sign on youtube

Green dollar sign

There is nothing wrong with your video. If the dollar sign is green everything is Ok. But remember that being green does not mean that all video views are monetizable. It could happen for example of a video being with 100k views, but ads were displayed in 30k of them. In YouTube analytics you can have a well-explained report of this.


Cut black dollar sign

Read also: Tips to make more money with Adsense on YouTube

It means you're not making money on this video because ads are not appearing on it. The reason for this can be:

Your video was considered inappropriate for minors and the YouTube system added a restriction to it. On the Google support page it's easy to find a more detailed explanation for this:

Age-restricted content

Some videos don't violate our policies, but may not be appropriate for all audiences. In these cases our review team may place an age restriction when we're notified of the content. Age-restricted videos are not visible to users who are logged out, are under 18 years of age, or have Restricted Mode enabled.

When evaluating whether content is appropriate for all ages, here are some of the things we consider:

To learn more about what you can do to avoid having your video age-restricted, please visit our Policy Center.

If you are looking to monetize your video, please review our policies as age-restricted videos will not be eligible for monetization and will also not be shown in certain sections of YouTube. Age-restricted videos are also not eligible to be used for ads.

As you can see from the image below, the system also displays the message: Age-Restricted and Not eligible for monetization.


Cut black dollar sign ©

The black dollar sign cut with C signifies that you are not making money from it because it contains partial or full third-party content. Maybe TV scenes, pieces of videos from other channels or songs, etc. But it still displays ads, and the money earned from ads goes to the copyright owners of the video detected on yours.


In this case you can fix the video if you remove the part that uses third-party content, without having to send the video again. To remove part of a direct video on YouTube click: Includes copyrighted content then: Enhancements.

If your video has too many views, you can not use this feature. But I do not know what the exact number is.


Yellow dollar sign


The yellow dollar sign means your video is not showing ads because it has been identified that it is not ad friendly. In this case you can also correct by clicking on the dollar sign. Doing this will redirect you to another page: Information and Settings. In the monetization tab you will see the following message:

Your video isn't being monetized because it contains content that might not be appropriate for advertising.

To monetize a video, your video content, metadata, and thumbnail must be advertiser-friendly.

Think your video meets this criteria? You can have it reviewed for monetization again.

Check the box: Review my video again. I believe it's advertiser-friendly. After that click on Save Changes. Your video will be submitted for review.


That's it guys. I hope I have cleared your doubts about the colors of the dollar sign. Any questions leave a comment below.

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Tools that all YouTuber should know


Hello everyone, I'm Joninha and we are going to go to another article here on the blog.

In this blog, we already present, great websites to make stickers or intros for videos, online. We have already presented great tools to promote your video and we gave several tips for YouTubers and Vloggers beginners. Now let's present here tools that all YouTubers or Vloggers should know about.

These tools will help you take your videos and channel to the next level making your videos more professional and more presentable. So they'll be better found on the video platform and perform better on views and minutes watched. You do not have to be an expert in video production. What you need is to know the right tools, as these tools will do this for you from the moment you learn how to handle them. Are you ready to get to know the best web tools to help you develop your YouTube channel? So let's go and keep an eye on the list below.

tools youtubers should use

Tube Buddy

imageIt's an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox that helps you perform various tasks within your YouTube channel. These include:

  • Bulk annotation on all your YouTube videos.
  • Create an Animated Gif from a Youtube Video
  • Create Thumbnails online for a video of yours already uploaded to YouTube
  • Create a copy of your YouTube video to Facebook
  • Tagging to improve the ranking of your video and be found

This is some of the features of the TubeBuddy tool, but there are still many more
For more details of this tool click here


image10Is a system for gathering your channel's most loyal fans and patronizing your videos. If you already have a good amount of subscribers you can invite them to be your patron. This means that with each video posted they will contribute an amount. With this you raise funds to improve the quality of your content and improve your channel more and more. This idea is already very old internationally and is being increasingly adopted here in Brazil. There are vloggers or creators who have gotten many sponsors through Patreon. Register now, and let your subscribers know that you are in Patreon and start collecting funds to invest in your channel.123456

If you are Youtuber and want to get the best tips for evolving your channel, subscribe to TopDikas. You will receive the best content to learn take your channel to the next level. Sign up not to miss the next tip.


If you need to make an animation for your channel this site is appropriate place. While being more targeted to business, MakewebVideo can be used to create very stylish animations for your channel if you use it in a smart way. Ideal for making videos in a very funny way. Besides serving for animations the system also has intros, which you can use in your videos. The only bad part of this tool is that it is not free and you have to pay to use it. But it's worth it! Below you will find a list of videos made on the MakeWebVideo platform.If you need to make an animation for your channel this site is appropriate place. While being more targeted to business, MakewebVideo can be used to create very stylish animations for your channel if you use it in a smart way. Ideal for making videos in a very funny way. Besides serving for animations the system also has intros, which you can use in your videos. The only bad part of this tool is that it is not free and you have to pay to use it. But it's worth it! Below you will find a list of videos made on the MakeWebVideo platform.


It is a tool of social promotion, for those who like, to exchange subscribers and likes. With it you can also get a bit more views for your video. The system basically works like this: You watch, other videos to earn points. With these points you can gain more views for a video you have enrolled in the system. In addition to previews you can also earn more subscribers and likes in your videos. Below is a video of how it works.


Is an online platform focused on creating intros and vignettes for videos. That initial presentation of a few seconds at the beginning of the video. So it may be what will make a viewer watch your video for longer or not. So if you still have no intro, or have an intro, bland, know this system where you can even make your intro. The system has some intros totally for free. For more information see the video below.

YouTube Creator Studio

youtube creator studio downloadImagine you on a computer, then you access YouTube analytics and have a lot of information about your videos the way you need it. This is YouTube Creator Studio. An app for Android and IOS that helps you check your video statistics and also edit information and settings of them.

With it you respond to comments from your fans and check the progress of the views of the latest videos posted anywhere with your smartphone. If you are a content creator for YouTube you can not run out of this app on your phone. If you have never heard of the app and have no idea how to use it, a video with a brief analysis of the tool follows. Click here to install.

YouTube Video Ads

For those who are starting out on YouTube today, due to the competition it is very difficult to stand out in the midst of so many other channels that have been coming up. And one way to get out in front of the competition is invest in marketing. In speaking of marketing there is no more effective way than, YouTube's own outreach tool, to spread your ideas and become more popular. You can easily, make a budget and in a few seconds you will discover how many video views you will earn with the money you are willing to spend.| |



It is a system that helps you make more money from your channel by putting you head on with the advertiser. All you have to do is enter the platform, choose from the various ads available and submit your proposal. You already know the values you earn if your channel is approved. Another nice thing about the platform is that you can choose or advertise a product related to the content of your channel. For example, if you make makeup videos it is quite likely that you will find advertisers needing YouTuber to advertise something in the line of cosmetics.

Machinima Uploader


It is a unique tool for Machinima partners that allows you to send video to YouTube and Facebook with just one Upload. That's right, without using this tool, you have to upload the video twice, one for each platform. With this tool available in the console Machinima you only upload the video once. If you are not a Machinima partner and liked this feature you can use an alternative service available on TubeBuddy, the tool that is just above, in this list.


image4It is a tool that allows you to manage your videos from one place. With it you can link multiple channels and you will be notified through this tool of the activities of all the channels that belong to you. It has a feature that I find fantastic! You can create a preview of 30 seconds of a video of your channel, and post to your Facebook page, so if your fans want to watch the full video all they have to do is click the link and they will be redirected to the YouTube. Another cool thing that Epoxy does is to create a gif from your video library. Ideal for posting on your Facebook timeline. You can still respond to comments on videos without leaving the system. Many YouTube Networks  MCN partner with Epoxy. If you are part of a Network MCN, log in to your Network Console and see if Epoxy is available. If you are not part of any network, you may not be able to enjoy all the features for free.

Biblioteca de Áudio do YouTube

image_thumb6If you still do not know the YouTube audio library I'll give you an ear jerk because this tool any youtuber or vlogger should know. In addition to many free songs to put in your videos this free tool has thousands of sound effects to put in your videos. So if you need a door knock, a motor snoring, or the sound of some falling coins on the floor, you can be sure that in this place you will find.|


Epidemic Sound

It is another place for you to download licensed creative commons songs to put on your videos. The site has thousands of songs so that your videos gain an extra charm. Epidemic Sound maintains partnership with several networks. Then see if your network partner with Epidemic Sound so you can take advantage of all the features for free.

Editor de Miniaturas BBTV

If you are a BroadBandTv partner, you can count on a very helpful thumbnail editor. Having access to the BBTV partner console you have no more reason to leave your videos without a thumbnail. This feature is very intuitive and very easy to use. Access the BBTV Partner Console to access the tool. Unfortunately, only BBTV partners have access to this feature.

YouTube Video Editor



The YouTube video editor is well known among vloggers and creators. A very useful tool even for those who prefer the offline tools to edit. Who ever needed to change a song in a video, because it was flagged by copyright, or even make a cut in a video? The good thing about this tool is that you can make many changes without losing the already counted number of views.



vdownloader-1Anyone who works with video edits knows that sometimes downloading videos from YouTube is a difficult task. But with this application for Windows this task can become much easier. With it you can download any YouTube video to use in your projects quickly and easily.

A scene from a movie that you want to download is very simple, you simply indicate which point of the movie that this scene you want to download and click download, without the need to download the whole movie just because of a scene of few seconds. You only download what matters to you. In addition to downloading video, Vdownloader has other functions. Video conversion is one of them. To download Vdownloader click above

That's it guys, I hope you liked the tips. Do not forget to share this post on your favorite social network with the sharing buttons below. If you know any other indispensable tool for YouTubers leave in the comments just below. Goodbye!

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How to get verified with the badge beside the name on YouTube


Hello my dear readers, on today's tip I'm going to show you how to get verified on YouTube and get the verification seal next to the name of your channel.

To have your channel verified you must have at least 100,000 subscribers and have the channel free of STRIKES.

How to get verified with the badge beside the name on YouTubeOur channel Sonaje recently reached 100k of subscribers and bad I could wait to receive the verification seal. The playbutton, we have to wait because it has nothing to do but as for the verification seal it is possible to speed up the receiving process and we will show you the step by step then for you to get yours. Come on?

Just remembering that if you prefer to watch than read, at the end of the post we will leave a video on the same subject.

Step 1

First make sure your account has no STRIKE.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.11 23 AM

Step 2

Now enter your Channel's Control Panel page.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.13 01 AM

Step 3

Now navigate to the bottom of the page and look for the Help option.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.14 04 AM

Step 4

Clicking on Help, the system will display a screen like this, click on Email.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.15 30 AM

Step 5

Now click the Channel & video features option.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.16 07 AM

Step 6

In the First Name and Last Name fields fill in your first name and last name respectively.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.17 00 AM

Step 7

In the Channel URL field fill in the URL of your channel as the examples show

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.20 35 AM

Step 8

In the question: Is your issue about a specific video? Choose No.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.20 58 AM

Step 8.1

If the field: Is this a request for a verification badge? appears, check Yes.


Step 8.2

In the field, How can I help You? Tell them your channel hit 100k subscribers and you'd like to get your account verified.


Step 9

Now Highlight the space that shows the number of subscribers. You need to do this so that YouTube support better understands what you need.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.22 01 AM

Step 10

Click Send

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.21 24 AM

You will receive a message in your email like this.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.24 25 AM

Hi, and thanks for contacting the YouTube Creator Support team! We'll work to help resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Help us get a jumpstart by replying to this email with your channel URL and the video(s) you need help with. If you've already sent this over, thanks — we'll be in touch soon.

You'll hear from our specialists in one business day or less, so hang tight!

The YouTube Creator Support team

Then wait approximately 24 hours. If all goes well you will receive another email like this.

Screen Shot 04-22-17 at 12.26 30 AM

Hi Jonas,
Thanks for reaching out and congratulations for reaching this impeccable milestone!
I have good news -- your channel has been successfully verified! Please note it may take a couple of days for the verification check mark to appear on your channel, but no further action is needed.
Also, keep in mind that if you change the name of your channel, the verification mark will disappear from your channel. In that case, reach back out to us to request the verification of your channel again. Thanks for understanding that YouTube reserves the right not to grant it.
Feel free to reach out to me in case there is anything else.

Then you can see the checkmark next to the name of your channel.

As we promised at the begin of this post, follow below the video with the same issue. I hope you enjoy!

That's all folks, I hope this tip has been useful for you. Any problem leave a comment just below. Thank you!

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How to translate Channel name and description into other language


How to translate Channel name and description into other languageDid you know that you can translate your channel name to many languages. So when a user from another country accesses your channel, they will see the name of your channel in the language of their country. Let's show you how to do this. Just remember that at the end of this post has a video. So if you'd rather watch than read I suggest you browse to the bottom of the page

The process is very simple:

First go to your channel page.

Then click the gear on the right side of the screen.


After that will appear another window with some information. Click the Translating Channel info option.


In the Original Language option, enter the original language of your channel. For example, put English if you speak English in your videos. Put Portuguese if you speak Portuguese in your videos. Put Spanish, if you speak Spanish in your videos, and so on.Screen Shot 04-17-17 at 10.01 2-AM

Since I intend to speak English in my videos I will leave this option checked in English.

Now in the Translate Into option, choose the language to which you will translate your channel name and description. In my case I will choose Portuguese, but you can choose from several languages ​​available. To find it look in the box, Seach Box.Screen Shot 04-17-17 at 10.01 3AM

When you have finished choosing the language to which you will translate, click the Add Language option.

Screen Shot 04-17-17 at 10.02 -AMNow the next step is to translate your channel name and description. When finished, click Save.Screen Shot 04-17-17 at 10.05 AM

As we promised at the beginning of the post, follow the video:

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Flixpress launches new intros for videos, free


intro for vídeos, lean how to makeHello my web viewers, starting another in this blog, and in this video we will talk about the news that were released on the site Flixpress.

If you produce videos for YouTube and you do not know the Flixpress site yet, you're missing out on putting fantastic intros on your videos. Flixpress has some intros that you can use totally free and without watermark.

The best is that recently has been released 4 new templates that you can use for free. We are leaving a preview of these intros that can be easily made on the site.

To access Flixpress click here


A big news in the new templates is that you now have one for videos with lists: Top 5. So YouTube channels that have videos with Top 5 list, will take good advantage of this new sticker.

And for those who already use the system to create intro for videos can jump for joy because now the online system of creation of intros counts with some new intros. Now the intros will be more varied and your videos will look more professional.

So if you still do not know Flixpress click on the description to make your registration and start using Flixpress.

sábado, 8 de abril de 2017

Canais iniciantes deixarão de ser monetizados no YouTube


O blog dos criadores do Youtube e o YouTube creators blog, anunciaram recentemente que irão colocar uma pequena restrição na monetização para canais que estão começando. Tudo isso devido ao impacto negativo que alguns usuários estão fazendo para monetizar conteúdos. Por causa disso o YouTube das gringa acabou sofrendo boicote de algumas marcas importantes porque seus anúncios estavam sendo veiculado em vídeos inapropriados para tal. No final do vídeo colocamos um podcast desta postagem, caso você prefira assistir a ler.

Até o momento presente, o YouTube não tinha restrição nenhuma quanto a monetização de conteúdo mesmo que o canal não tivesse inscritos ou visualização nenhuma. Bastava o usuário fazer o upload do primeiro vídeo que ele já podia se inscrever no PPY (programa de parcerias do YouTube). E esta facilidade acabou que atraindo usuários espertinhos, que não produz, e fica fazendo re-uploading de conteúdo de terceiros.

Canais iniciantes deixarão de ser monetizados no YouTubeAgora a restrição é que o usuário tenha pelo menos 10 mil visualizações para poder dar início na monetização de conteúdo e depois disso o blog vai passar por uma avaliação da equipe do YouTube. Para os canais que ainda não alcançaram este número, mas foram criados antes do lançamento do artigo ficará como antes. Vamos ler agora o artigo publicado no blog dos criadores de conteúdo br.

10 mil visualizações é número bem baixo. Lembro que quando eu comecei a postar vídeo ser parceiro do YouTube era privilégio para poucos, mas digo poucos mesmo. Lembro que em 2011 o processo era bem mais difícil. Você tinha que preencher um formulário com os dados do seu canal e enviar para aprovação. E se o se canal não fosse aprovado (isso tinha grandes chances de acontecer) você só podia enviar outra solicitação depois de 2 meses.

Fiquei muito tempo tentando até que um recrutador da Machinima encontrou o meu canal e me enviou um convite para entrar na rede. Foi desta forma que consegui entrar no programa de parceria do YouTube. Na época era muito difícil, só mesmo por meios de network para se conseguir ser parceiro do YouTube. Diferente dos dias atuais.

Monetização caindo

Não sei se é por causa deste boicote que o youtube vem sofrendo, mas notei nos últimos dias uma queda de mais de 60 por cento nos ganhos do meu canal principal, que é o Sonaje. Antes o canal estava dando picos de quase 50 dólares por dia e do nada começou cair e os picos maiores caíram para 18 dólares por dia dia 6 agora é que deu um pico maior, vamos torcer que volte como era antes. Se vocês passaram ou estão passando por este tipo de problema também com monetização deixe aí o seu comentário.

Alerta. O que fazer para melhorar a comunidade?

Galera nós como criadores do conteúdo, temos que fazer o máximo para ajudar a plataforma a crescer, por isso vou dar algumas dicas aqui. Temos que ajudar quem nos ajuda. Se o YouTube está sendo uma fonte de renda pra gente temos que torná-la cada vez melhor, que assim a gente também ganha. Então como podemos ajudar?

E já que estamos falando de YouTube, gostaria que vocês conhecessem o TubeBuddy uma ferramenta que vai aumentar em muito a sua produtividade em criação de conteúdos.

  • Denuncie vídeos que você acha estão irregular - Se você vir algum vídeo, por exemplo com conteúdo sexual explícito, com mensagens de ódio, racista ou este tipo de coisa, use a bandeirola do YouTube para denunciar.
  • Anuncie no YouTube - Muita gente resolve anunciar vídeos para ter mais exposição, e ao invés de usar o próprio YouTube para anunciar usa o Facebook, ou seja você está ajudando outra plataforma que não te ajuda ao invés de ajudar o YouTube que te paga pelo seu conteúdo. Então se você vai anunciar, se for pra usar o Facebook, use o YouTube.
  • Reclamação da plataforma - Outro coisa que atrapalha bastante é a reclamação, eu já fiz vídeos até no meu canal principal falando sobre isso, alguns YouTuber que fica reclamando da plataforma e só aponta as falhas e não agradece pela exposição e os inscritos que o YouTube trouxe pra eles. Uma atitude bacana foi do YouTuber BRKsEDU, que foi totalmente ao contrário da massa e em vez de criticar a plataforma ele apontou os pontos positivos, vale a pena assistir o vídeo. Vou deixar em algum lugar por aqui o link para que vocês possam assistir. Então não reclame pessoal, mandem sua dúvida para o suporte, envie o seu feedback antes de sair reclamando de tudo.

Como prometemos logo no início deste artigo, segue logo abaixo um vídeo com o podcast de tudo que está escrito logo acima.

Então, por enquanto é só isso vou ficando por aqui, compartilhe este conteúdo naquele grupo onde você troca uma ideia sobre o youtube e criação de conteúdo se você gostou das minhas idéias. Tchau!

segunda-feira, 20 de março de 2017

Os Youtubers que reclamam do YouTube


Olá galera, voltando a ativa novamente com este post, só vamos ver por quanto tempo hehe. Ultimamente tenho muito focado no meu canal Sonaje e tenho deixado o blog um pouco de lado. Enfim vamos dar início ao assunto de hoje.


Tenho visto muita gente reclamando do YouTube, dizendo que a plataforma está ruim, e que deseja que apareça um concorrente a altura pra sair do YouTube etc. São vários, desde YouTubers menores e muitos canais grandes também. Faz dias que estou vendo isso tanto no YouTube mesmo em formato de vídeos ou em grupos do Facebook em formato de postagens. E me deu um vontade louca de me pronunciar sobre isso.


Mas Afinal, o YouTube está mesmo tão ruim assim?


o youtube está tão ruim assim mesmoAntes de mais nada gostaria de lembrar, que o YouTube é uma plataforma tão gigante, que nem eu e nem você, e nem YouTubers Teens, como diz o Nando Moura somos capazes de imaginar. Por isso ela tem problemas, e imagino que não é tão simples de resolver, já que estamos falando de uma equipe que trabalha para o Google. Desta forma, supondo que surja outra plataforma de vídeos do tamanho do YouTube, os problemas irão continuar nestas outras plataformas, às vezes até problemas maiores, pois a equipe que está lá vai ter menos tempo de experiência do que a equipe do YouTube.


Eu sou YouTuber desde 2007, ano em que postei meu primeiro vídeo, e no princípio a plataforma não tinha tantos problemas devido ao menor número de usuários e também, menor número de uploads, menor número de acessos. Sempre foquei na criação de conteúdos desde o início do ano de 2010, sempre achava que o YouTube não dava atenção para os canais menores, mas chegou uma hora que parei de culpar a plataforma ou outras pessoas e passei a acreditar mais em mim mesmo, e foi aí que comecei a crescer mais no YouTube.


Não sou um YouTuber gigante, ainda sou pequeno. Mas com meus 80 mil inscritos dou um jeito de tirar um renda do YouTube suficiente para eu sobreviver fazendo o que eu gosto.

Engraçado que tem muitos por aí que tiveram oportunidades e ao invés de agradecer, só cospe no prato que (ainda) come. Já vi YouTuber grande que foi promovido pelo programa YouTube Next up, ganhou treinamento on-line, treinamento presencial, comeu de graça nos eventos, ganhou dinheiro para fazer o canal crescer e ainda está reclamando. Pessoas que talvez não teriam uma profissão divertida como fazer vídeos, e ainda reclamando. Para este “reclamões” que tem por aí eu só digo uma coisa: não está satisfeito, vá para o Daily Motion, Facebook etc, reclama mas ta aí. E para os menores, é mais fácil ainda de migrar para outra plataforma, já que tem poucos inscritos e pouco público, tem menos a perder.


Qualquer outra plataforma, que chegar ao tamanho do YouTube terá os mesmo problemas que este, ou até problemas maiores. Então vamos parar de Mimimi, e focar no que é principal: Criação de Conteúdos.

Se você caiu nesta postagem é muito provável que cria vídeos para o YouTube sendo assim recomendo que leia o artigo FERRAMENTAS QUE TODO YOUTUBER DEVERIA CONHECER, e dar um passo a mais para o crescimento do seu canal. Só lembrando que este artigo reflete em uma opinião minha e você que está lendo isso pode discordar completamente ou em alguns pontos. Sugiro que comente logo abaixo se você discorda de alguma coisa. Ah! e não esqueça de mandar este artigo para o seu amigo que fica reclamando, ou para pessoas que ficam descendo a madeira em posts no Facebook.