terça-feira, 21 de outubro de 2014

MultCloud Manage your files in several on line drives

MultCloud Manage your files in several on line drivesHi, I am here to talk about MultCloud (Watch the video to understand better)

if you have accounts in several cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box and others; MultCloud was developed for you. Some Time is hard to manage files, between these services. To transfer a large file from one to another, You have do download the file and upload again. MultCloud came to make this, and other tasks for you. For example, With Multcloud, you can easily move, or copy, one large file, or a full folder, from One drive to Google drive, or vice-versa in a few minutes. Why Download a file and upload again? Let the MultiCloud make the hard part for you. Visit multcloud.com create an account and add your favorite on-line drives to your profile. All you have to do is click on ADD CLOUD DRIVES and select one of them. Choose the DISPLAY NAME, or let the default. After that click on Add Button. In the next screen click on Allow to continue. Add more drives to work with them, and you are ready. You don't need to back up your files to several cloud services, uploading several times. Upload just once to Multicloud, and this amazing platform will do the rest. While you rest.

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